Voyage is an A.I. gaming paradise where bots write the rules

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If you play a lot of video games, you’re no stranger to competing against the machine. play a game like hello infinity Long enough and you’ll probably bump into some bots that aren’t the smartest Spartans on the battlefield. But what if you could play the game with a genius AI that actually felt like it was listening to and responding to you like a human?

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Voyage is a new AI gaming platform with unique games built around machines. Experimental project led by Latitude, the studio AI Dungeon, In that text-based adventure game, a machine fluidly builds a story by responding to everything the user types, like an RPG dungeon master. It was an impressive move in 2019, but it’s only the beginning of what Voyage has in store for players.

,AI Dungeon What was the seed of a promise, what if you weren’t bound by what you already wrote?” Latitude CEO Nick Walton told me when we sat down for an interview on the project. “We’ve always seen AI Dungeon 5% of what we want to make.


Through an extensive list of curated games and creation tools that will let anyone experience AI, Voyage hopes to bring a little bit of life to our cold, digital futures.

out of the dungeon

is a direct result of travel AI Dungeon, which garnered a lot of curious eyes at the end of 2019. The game began as a hackathon project, which looked to solve the flexible problem that players experience in tabletop games. Dungeons & Dragons, Walton began experimenting with GPT, a powerful open source AI model that scans data from the Internet.

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Walton describes the technique as autocomplete, but with its intelligence blown up 10,000 times. A lot of changes were made to keep the AI ​​working properly, with the initial version of the game being redundant at the time (it would start weaving stories about knights fighting dragons, only to launch in a fantasy game review). For). After months of dataset fine-tuning – and essentially giving the game human filters – Latitude had built a solid dungeon master that could virtually react to anything a user typed and turn it into a story. Was. It caught the attention of several players, planting the seeds for expansion in late 2019.

An AI directs action in medieval problems.

“We realized there’s something here that people are really excited about,” Walton told Nerdshala. “This ability to have these flexible experiences where people have the independent ability to solve problems. Instead of fighting the trolls, they could offer the trolls a cupcake and then bond over their love of pastries and the city.” They could do all these cool things which are stories that no other game could ever have.”

a new journey

Voyage, which will launch as a subscription-based service, wants to take that curiosity further with a suite of new games. In medieval problems, players take on the role of a king who has to solve problems in his kingdom, much like in the series Rains. Instead of choosing from a few options, players would type whatever they wanted and the computer would generate a unique response. is then things, where players are given random objects and asked to combine them to form something new. There are no prescribed recipes; The AI ​​systematically decides what the players make. For example, combining the camera and the Internet could form YouTube.

A flowchart showing how civilization is made into things.

even more impressive pixel it, a multiplayer spin on Illustrated, One player writes something they want the AI ​​to draw, which can be as specific as “the dog with a plate of spaghetti”, and the other players must guess as the computer slowly doodles.

“We’ve always seen AI Dungeon 5% of what we want to make.

The platform’s initial offerings feel just as special AI Dungeon, but not the main hooks of Latitude’s prebuilt game platform. Voyage will provide any customer with the construction tools they need to build their own projects, be they games or an entirely different experience.

“One of the real strengths of AI is that it enables human creators to do much more than they can on their own,” Walton says. “to make a Skyrim The world, you need hundreds of people and it took five years to build this whole world, but you can imagine that you have an AI that you work with. You are the creative director and the AI ​​team. We see ourselves as providing the bridge between AI research and everyday users who can create great experiences without knowing how to code or how AI works. ,

An AI drags Darth Vader onto the toilet in Pixel This.
An AI pulls up Darth Vader in Pixel This’s bathroom.

The intuitive system will let creators build AI bots using natural language. They will be able to select a personality for the machine, say, or create a backstory just by typing. The tool will also have modules that can be chained together to change what the AI ​​is thinking or what’s happening behind the scenes. Walton describes it as a visual scripting language that does not require programming knowledge.

“We have already seen people making books or scripts for films. AI Dungeon, and I think we’ll continue to see that pattern with Voyage.”

give life to the lifeless

Latitude’s approach to AI gaming is a constant work in progress. The studio is always tinkering with technology to create bots that better interact with the world. Walton notes that talking to AI nonplayable characters would be frustrating Skyrim Which tells the players to kill a dragon and he will give you a sword – but there is no dragon or sword.

Walton adds, “A lot more we need to know in this case is how you integrate AI with the world on a deeper level and what the character does to make it more impactful in the way players dream.” “

“We want to be the AI ​​engine that powers the pieces of the metaverse.”

Still, there’s already a real meaning to life in Latitude’s games. when you play AI Dungeon, it honestly looks like someone on the other end is reacting. It’s refreshing in a world that is beset with strange digital experiences as companies race to build their vision of the “metaverse.” Dead-eyed meta avatars and horrifically empty digital Walmarts have become a laughing stock for skeptics who find the whole idea of ​​extended digital experiences somewhat dystopian.

This is how Walmart imagines shopping #metaverse,

Idea? I

— Homo Digitalis (@DigitalisHomo) 3 January 2022

Walton says he is interested in some aspects of the concept, but feels the label has been misused recently. He sees it as an extension of the Internet, but with new capabilities. In that sense, he thinks Latitude’s work with Voyage could help bring to life some of the terrifying experiences that are floating around.

“We want to be the AI ​​engine that powers the pieces of the metaverse,” Walton says. “So you have this 3D space that you go into like your home. And it’s not just an empty space full of assets, but characters you can talk to and hang out with. It’s a nod to the metaverse. Think of electricity as the power grid, powering life in characters and pieces.”

Players can currently sign up travel waiting list To know more about the platform.

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