Walk around your Townscaper creations in first-person, in your browser

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Townscaper is delightful. But what could be more pleasurable than falling from that architectural bird’s-eye view to walk the rocky streets of your own creations?

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Thankfully, urban planner Mellie Harvey has given us a chance to do just that with a free browser toy, threescaper, Earlier this year, Townscaper received an update that lets you export your creations as .obj 3D model files. Plug that file into ThreeScaper, and you’re free to roam that city with basic first-person controls.

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There are a few caveats to the imagination of walking around your townscaper city, mind. That lush, toy-like aesthetic is somewhat lost in the export process—the textures are muddy, the doors and windows awkwardly out of the buildings, and the railings provided with only simple wireframes.


Still, after spending weeks piecing together a giant seaside monstrosity, it’s a magic to experience it from a human point of view. I’ve tried doing the same myself, converting the .obj to an . dragging in existing integration project,

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(Image credits: Nat Clayton, Oscar Stahlberg)

But if you don’t feel like setting up Unity and going through the detour of setting up lights, player controllers, collisions, environments, and other such nonsense, Harvey’s tool for taking a closer look at Townscaper’s lush island towns Very easy and welcome way. , And hey, if you’re super-committed to your quirky seaside creations, you can go and 3D print it too.

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