Walmart's Dune DVD release includes a pain box, real pain not included

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Picture this: You’re at home with your friends watching Dune, having a great time, and someone asks to stop for a minute. They walk away, and you take out your replica pain box and set it on the table next to them. When they return, they look at the box they just encountered in the movie, and when you smile from ear to ear, they look at you wide-eyed. It’s not complicated to do, and thanks to Walmart it’s not particularly expensive either.

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Each popular film release contains several different collector’s edition boxes at launch. Some promise a good Steelbook, while others include collector’s items with your DVD. If you decide to get the Dune from Walmart, the case that holds your standard DVD release and your Blu-ray will slide into a separate box. Notably, the pain box Paul Atreides hands over at the beginning of the film.


This simple cardboard pen box is a great way to put a smile on a Dune fan’s face, and you’re not even paying much for it. The combination of Blu-ray and standard DVD and digital codes will only run you $30, and you’ll get to hang the pain box on your shelf as a bonus. You can pre-order now, and the box will ship with every release of Dune on January 16th.

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