Washington Post expands 202 newsletter franchise

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The Washington Post is relaunching its 202 newsletter suite with a new email about the climate, new authors, and an expanded product suite.

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why it matters: The redesigned products are meant to be more digestible and personality-driven, says Rachel Van Dongen, editor of 202 Newsletters for The Washington Post, the editorial franchise that delivers news for DC decision makers.

description: Going forward, the Post’s morning newsletter will be around 1,400-1,500 words, which is roughly less than 2,000. Its daily late-morning newsletter will be about 2,400 words, which is less than about 3,400.

  • “It’s something that our readers wanted,” Van Dongen says. “It is a really engaged target audience and there is a lot of competition in this space. We are striving to provide the best quality journalism in the shortest format possible.”

Post is also rebranding Newsletters should be more personality-driven. A new marketing campaign starting Monday will include the faces of newsletter authors.

  • “We’re Leaning Into Personality,” she says. “In these newsletters in and around town, people want to connect with writers and have two-way communication. We’re leaning into that with new branding around writers.”
  • its morning newspaper, Power Up, The Early 202 is being rebranded. Email is co-authored by current Power Up writer Jackie Alemany and Politico alum Theo Meyer. Mayer’s political influence and experience covering the White House will bring an expanded focus to the newsletter, which already covers Congress, government agencies and the courts.

Post the Climate 202 is also launching, An expanded edition of The Energy 202 newsletter, in addition to its existing Special Policy 202 newsletter around cyber security, health and technology. The new email will be written by E&E News veteran Maxine Joselo from early October.

  • earlier this year, The Post announced that Olivier Knox, a veteran political reporter who served as SiriusXM’s chief Washington correspondent, will take over as anchor of The Daily 202, the Washington Post’s daily political newspaper. That newspaper will continue to be published at approximately 11:30 p.m. ET.
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big picture: The newsletter business in Washington has become increasingly competitive, as more media companies and individual reporters seek to launch products that reach high-end opinion leaders.

  • Asked how the Post will remain competitive in that space, van Dongen said, “The biggest factor that sets itself apart from competitors is that we are Post and we have best-in-class political journalists. “
  • “The leadership audience is the hometown audience for the post,” she said. “We’ve always wanted to deepen our engagement with them. … That audience is what matters to the post.”

What will happen next: Daily in the 202 franchise was a daily podcast hosted by former 202 writer James Hohmann. Van Dongen says new audio products are being considered for the franchise for the foreseeable future.


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