Released in October of 2020, Watch Dogs: Army The title is the third in the open-world action-adventure series. Developed by Ubisoft and featuring hacking prominently in its gameplay, Sentinel: troop The game was released to decent but unremarkable reviews, earning a 72% rating on Metacritic for its PC version. The game was praised for its impressive portrayal of futuristic London and the ambitious “you can play as anyone” approach, but criticized for its repetition and poor storyline due to the game’s lack of a central protagonist.

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Like most of its titles lately, Ubisoft continues to release update after update. Watch Dogs: Army. These various changes include multiplayer support, 60fps performance mode on next-gen consoles, and the recently added co-op zombie mode called Legion of the Dead. The most recent 5.6 patch, which dropped on September 14, was a huge update to the title — one platform in particular.


Unfortunately, this ‘huge update’ is not massive in terms of content, but file size. Despite featuring only a handful of bug fixes, the update runs on an oddly large 40.2GB on Xbox Series S/X consoles. This is approximately the file size of the entire original release of Watch Dogs: Legion.

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A bunch of characters in Watch Dogs Legion

To make matters worse, the PlayStation 5 version of troopThe update is downright low compared to 3.2GB, which is a concern for Xbox Series S/X owners. There are some possible theories for this, such as file storage being handled differently on Xbox consoles, even though the Series S/X and PS5 both use solid-state drives. There’s probably a major code rework going on in the Xbox version, even though the patch notes don’t show anything different.

As the file size in many games continues to increase with technological advancements, many gamers are finding themselves frustrated with their constant storage issues. There hasn’t been a significant increase in total console storage since the last generation and more and more players are moving to the digital library as well. It’s also not just a storage problem, more post-launch titles like support and multiple games. Battlefield 2042 Moving to a live-service model, players with slow internet are finding it much harder to keep up with a steady stream of patches.

Watch Dogs: Army However, that is hardly the worst offender. Call of Duty: Warzone constantly receives major updates and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarFile sizes are spiraling out of control, now totaling more than 200GB and taking up nearly a third of the PlayStation 5’s storage space. Even then, troopThe larger update size on the Xbox Series S/X is extra confusing, as the game isn’t even that big, to begin with.

Watch Dogs: Army Available on PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X.

Source: Ubisoft

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