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If you were unexpectedly teleported down a street in South Africa in the blink of an eye, how long would it take you to find out you were in South Africa after opening your eyes? For GeoGuessr speedrunner Havrd, the answer is a little less than seven seconds. By then, I probably would have begun to establish that I was on planet Earth.


geoguiser is a web game that takes players to a random Google Street View location and challenges them to find out where in the world they are. It’s fun to play cooperatively with friends, partly for the laughs that come from realizing the first impression was completely wrong, and you’re nowhere near Paraguay. For Howard, though, being wrong isn’t even part of the game. It’s just too early he can guess correctly.

in last year AGDQ In the fast-paced event, Haverd ran a “slow” GeoGesar perfect score at 31 minutes and 31 seconds. To get that perfect score, he had to pinpoint the locations of five Street View panoramas within just 600 feet on an overhead map.

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At this year’s AGDQ, Havard added another player, Janmumarik, who has been playing the game with Havard for years. For each location, one player “walked” into Google Street View describing what they saw, while the other looked at the map overhead and, at the ready, dropped a pin where they believed the other started. Was.

The duo completed their co-op perfect score in 40 minutes and 19.8 seconds, again estimating all five spots within 600 feet.

To avoid inconsistencies caused by Street View updates, GeoGuser speedruns are run on ‘maps’ that limit the areas within which players can teleport. This year and last year, Harvard and Janmumeric played a diverse world, which includes “over 52,000 hand-picked precise locations” from every country covered by Google Street View.

I run these geoguisers for comments like “Luckily, Denmark has one of the best road naming systems in the world” and “The sun is in the north, so we’re in the southern hemisphere.” It’s like watching Sherlock Holmes settle a case if, rather than tracking personal habits, he mostly had a knack for decoding highway signs and identifying dirt.

It’s weirdly tense, especially in the co-op formats Havard and Janmumerick introduced this year, though maybe it’s just reminding me of my grandparents fighting over directions in the streets along the Ottawa River. . (If you’ve ever encountered a river that seems markedly more French on its northern bank than on its southern bank, you are probably right there.)

you can see the run on twitch, and it’s embedded above (it should leave until the start of the run, in about 15 hours). AGDQ 2022 is running from Saturday. Personally, I look forward to Thursday’s run of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. here is the schedule,

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