Waze and Headspace Want to Make Your Drives Less Stressful

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No one is getting away from it. Driving can, at times, be so stressful. Whether you’re trying to negotiate a complicated road layout or just wasting your precious time sitting in traffic, there may be moments when you feel like your temperature is rising because you’re trying to get from A to B. Trying best.

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Aware that some driving experiences can test even the most patient of people, popular navigation app Waze has launched a new mindfulness feature “to encourage drivers to enjoy their drives.”

Waze has teamed up with meditation app Headspace to launch the new experience, which includes a selection of five new moods – Aware, Bright, Hopeful, Joyful and Open – to help you express how you feel. How are you feeling during different parts of the journey? You can also swap out the in-app car icon for “a cool ride in a hot air balloon.” And yes, if things really aren’t going well, you can still choose from a number of less positive avatars.


To relieve any tension that builds up inside the car during your drive, you can dive into Headspace’s carefully curated Spotify playlist called find joy in travel (Also available through Waze Audio Player).

Waze’s new experience also includes custom navigation cues from Headspace’s mindfulness teacher and meditation director Eve Louise Prieto.

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Prieto, who describes mindfulness as “the quality of being in the present moment, consciously doing with your attention and your awareness or whatever you are doing, with a sense of curiosity, openness, and kindness,” Says the new Waze Experience help drivers “learn how to develop a more aware, open, and curious mind by letting go of the feelings that aren’t serving you and engaging your senses and turning your attention to the act of driving.” It’s amazing saying “how much when we drive on autopilot and we really miss a lot of travel.”

Waze said As more and more people get back into their routine of going to school or work, “many are finding themselves stuck in traffic again. To find a way to help combat the negative effects of traffic and encourage drivers to enjoy their drives, on the heels of World Mental Health Day, we turned to our friends at Headspace, who That is a global leader in mindfulness and mediation. “

The Headspace experience on Waze is available for a limited time in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. To activate the experience, tap “My Ways” to find the “Drive with Headspace” banner.

New to Waze? Here’s how to get started.

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