We might get a System Shock live-action series before System Shock 3

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or we can get neither

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a live-action system shock The series is clearly on the table for game-focused streaming platform Bing, marking the third attempt to revive the classic space horror series.


time limit has offered Some details about the project, including that it will be executive produced by executives from Nightdive – a studio and retro game publisher that acquired remarkably intriguing rights to system shock in 2013. It is being produced by Alan Unger, Chief Content Officer of Binge, and is considered part of Binge’s original content lineup as a platform. Preparing for the 2022 launch.

There is a lot of emphasis on “approximate” here because system shock Customization has a troubled history. Nightdive successfully released 1994’s long unavailable shooter system shock and its 1999 sequel system shock 2, More than a decade after the original developer Looking Glass passed away. But it faced more challenges with the crowdfunded remaster of the original game — which was funded in 2016, ready for release in 2017, placed on hiatus in 2018, and is currently listed as “coming soon” after its disappearance latest release date of summer 2021.

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Another studio, Otherside Entertainment, has had even more difficulty with the sequel. system shock 3 Announced in 2015, soon appeared as a teaser trailer in 2019 Fall near its publisher starbreeze and was Chinese megapublisher Tencent. acquired by in 2020. It is currently listed on Otherside’s website as “in development”.

Not much is known about Binge’s live-action show. “I’ve always believed that a live-action adaptation of System Shock would be the perfect medium to retell the painful story of the Citadel Station and its evil AI that leads the crew into unimaginable horror,” time limit Nightdive CEO Stephen Kick is quoted as saying. (if you’re not familiar system shock: It is set in 2072 on a corporate space station called the Citadel, where a hacker must defeat a rogue artificial intelligence named Shodan, seen in art above. Horrifyingly real and new ways. “

If you’re curious what is a non-interactive version of? system shock It may sound like this, published by author Shamus Young a fanfiction story Called free radical This is effectively a casual novel of the game. If a live-action TV version also comes to an end, you’ll see the resulting series stream exclusively on Binge.

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