We Spotted the Hottest Trends at CES 2022

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new year, new Chaotic Mega Tech Exhibition. CES was this week, complete with all its usual dazzling gadgets and gaudy gadgets. It was a strange year for a tech conference. It was held both in person and virtually, and several presenters pulled out at the last minute citing concerns over Covid. Still, many companies were adamant, and the tech announcements continued unabated.


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show notes

Nerdshala covers CES remotely, including live taping Gadget Lab podcast. This week, Nerdshala Senior Associate Review Editor Adrienne So and Nerdshala Review Editor Julian Chokkattu join us to talk about the best things we saw at CES, and the trends in consumer technology in the year ahead.


You can watch this session and our other live CES coverage here @wired twitter account, Check out our chronicle of all the unique gadgets at CES. Read our list of the best of CES.

Julian Chokkattu can be seen on Twitter @Julianchoked, Adrienne is so @adrienemeso, Lauren is good @lauren goode, Michael Calore is @snackfight, Bling the main hotline at @Gadget Lab, This show is produced by Boone Ashworth (@)boonesworth) This special live episode was produced by Jen Garcia Buhax and Chris Kona. Our theme music by . Is solar key,

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