Week in Review: Most popular stories on GeekWire for the week of Nov. 28, 2021

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Stay up to date with the latest technology and startup news from the past week. Here are the most popular stories on Geekwire for the week of November 28, 2021.

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Most Popular Stories on GeekWire

Satya Nadella sold half his Microsoft stock, weeks before the state implemented capital gains tax

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sold half of his stake in the company last week in a series of transactions, selling nearly 840,000 shares for an amount totaling more than $285 million, according to a regulatory filing. … read more

Is the internet going to end? Signs around Seattle ask questions before unique date, 12022021


If the internet ends this week, this story and any evidence I bothered to think of will go with it. … read more

Reality Check: Microsoft, David Bowie, Bill Gates, and a Creepy Video Game Called ‘Omicron’

Yes, there was a game called Omicron: The Nomad Soul, starring virtual David Bowie, that was released for Microsoft Windows in 1999. … read more

Melinda French Gates on what she learned about the ‘absurd’ and genuine giving of excessive money

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Melinda French Gates reaffirmed her commitment to the Giving Pledge on Tuesday morning, in which the world’s wealthiest people commit to give away (or “give back,” in the words of the pledge) most of their wealth. … read more

Investor pressures Microsoft to release results of Bill Gates investigation after rare shareholder win

An investor from Microsoft has publicly released the results of an independent investigation into previous allegations against co-founder Bill Gates, after receiving support from Microsoft shareholders for greater transparency and independence in the company’s handling and disclosure of sexual harassment cases. calling to do. … read more

Amazon Cloud Chief Adam Selipsky Hints at New Directions for AWS: Invention Begins

Amazon Web Services is holding its first re-invention conference this week without Andy Jesse at the helm of the tech giant’s cloud unit. … read more

A ‘mind blowing’ gift to the university. Washington Computer Science honors Ed Lazoska’s ongoing legacy

Ed Lazoska has played a key role in the development of the Seattle area’s technology industry, as a driving force behind the University of Washington’s computer science and engineering for more than four decades. … read more

Density dilemma: Bellevue faces housing hurdles with massive technological development on the horizon

Mayor Lynn Robinson knows it’s coming. … read more

Home inspection reconsidered: Zillow and Flyhomes land $8M inspections for Seattle startup

Read next: Inspect, a 2-year-old Seattle startup tackling the home inspection process, raised $8 million from multiple VCs, real estate giant Redfin, and execs from startups like Built Technologies, Side, Sunday, Flyhomes and Steady. … read more

University of Washington researchers tested psilocybin in healthcare workers affected by the pandemic

Can psilocybin help ease the mental health burden of clinicians affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? … read more

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