Among the many announcements Sony has made for its latest PlayStation Showcase, spider man 2 Speaking of showstoppers, this was definitely at the top of many lists. Details about the game are currently scarce at the time of this writing, but there may be a slight involvement with Andy Serkis of everyone in the game.

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One of the most exciting announcements apart from the release date of Insomniac spider man 2 There was confirmation that Spider-Man’s symbiotic nemesis, Venom, would make his grand entry on the scene. The character of Venom has made a lot of headlines in the last few months. Venom: Let There Be Massacre, the sequel to 2018 poison, released earlier this month. Now it looks like that film’s director, Andy Serkis (Gollum himself), may be involved in offering some congratulatory words to the determined players.


On October 7, PlayStation Europe released an unlisted video on YouTube that shows Andy Serkis congratulating players for earning the Platinum trophy. However, Serkis curiously gives no indication as to which sport the platinum trophy is for. Their message is concise and functional, an acknowledgment of just how difficult it can be to get platinum trophies and punctuated with “well done”. Every now and then, footage explodes from video poison sequel.

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The mystery has no definite answer, but there is Huh Some strong indicators that may be related to the upcoming spider man 2. The most obvious is the fact that it’s a PlayStation Europe account and the specific words that congratulate Serkis players on earning a Platinum Trophy Point to the message for PlayStation games. Additionally, the fact that Andy Serkis is the director of the Venom film highlights that Venom will appear in spider man 2 Turns out the message is specifically for the game.

However, this conclusion has a rather obvious flaw: spider man 2 Not set to release until 2023. It’s definitely a long time before players see Spider Man The game includes anything involving symbology, so it raises the question of whether it’s too premature. A message like this, which is clearly a good exercise in brand synergy, is usually intended to strike while the iron of the proverb is heating up. Since the players are almost two years away from Insomniac’s follow-up, it’s been a long time before they saw this message. combine it with the mystery of whether Venom: Let There Be Massacre Whether it will remain in the cultural consciousness is, in fact, an enigmatic mystery.

If not for message spider man 2 But whether it is for something else instead, or whether it is simply a canceled idea not to see daylight, is currently unclear. But then again, the best secrets are the ones that make one think.

spider man 2 is scheduled for a 2023 release for PS5, and Venom: Let There Be Massacre Now playing in cinemas only.

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