overwatch league With the 2022 season not set to return for a few more months, that hasn’t stopped it from being competitive online. recently, overwatchThe Key Esports League went ahead in a friendly battle of roasts against fast food chain Wendy’s. Unfortunately for this, it ended up being served like one of Wendy’s burgers.

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Things haven’t been great for Blizzard’s hero-shooter franchise lately. for starters, overwatch 2 Currently facing indefinite delays, and with new content for the first game basically none, fans have little left to look forward to. The current situation with Activision Blizzard hasn’t helped either, as allegations of sexual harassment and poisoning by the company’s leadership have cooled fans’ enthusiasm for any plans the company has.


The Overwatch League gets a brutal, if rather hilarious, reminder of this week, courtesy of Wendy’s. To celebrate National Roast Day this week, the series took to Twitter and invited people to put out their best insults. Among them was the league’s Twitter account, which was open saying, “You’re just like your burger. Square.” During a very biting remark, Wendy was more than ready for it, clapping back with “Can’t wait for those new Lego sets”, in reference to overwatch 2 Lego sets that were indefinitely delayed over concerns about Blizzard’s workplace culture.

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Looking at the answers to both posts, Wendy’s is the clear winner here, with most agreeing that it’s the hottest roast. In fact, it was so bad that even several Overwatch League teams, including the Florida Mayhem, Shanghai Dragons, and Washington Justice, responded with memes and GIFs mocking the league’s defeat.

For others, however, roasting only served to refill their frustration with the current situation. overwatch, It used to be that the game received a fairly strong influx of new content on a regular basis with the addition of new characters, maps and modes. With the development team it appears that the focus is on overwatch 2, however, that stream has slowed substantially, with occasional batches of new overwatch Skins has been the most important update for a while now.

Fans are eager to try something new and bigger so that some can return to life overwatch, and it remains to be seen when they will be able to play overwatch 2, they should be able to see it in action soon. The 2022 Overwatch League season is set to begin this spring and will see teams competing in an early build overwatch 2, which should give fans a clear idea of ​​the changes they are to see in the sequel.

overwatch Now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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