What to expect from Microsoft’s Surface event

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A new Surface Pro and a redesigned Surface Book are on the way

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Microsoft is holding a Surface event on September 22, where “the company will talk about devices and Windows 11.” With the introduction of Windows 11 on October 5th, we are expecting to see four new Surface devices showcasing all the latest software features in the new OS. However, it won’t be all Windows 11. Microsoft will also launch the second version of its Surface Duo Android-powered foldable device next week.


ledge Starting September 22 at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT, Microsoft will cover all of Microsoft’s Surface hardware announcements, and here’s what to expect.

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We’re looking forward to a new Surface Pro for Windows 11.
Photo by Tom Warren/The Nerdshala

Surface Pro 8

The Surface Pro is the main flagship Surface device, and one that has existed since the launch of Windows 8 in 2012. Microsoft is now planning to launch a new Surface Pro 8 ready for Windows 11.

We’re not expecting any major design changes on the Surface Pro 8, simply because Microsoft has already made it clear to businesses that it will build Surface Port connectivity and the overall hardware design to keep it compatible with docks and accessories. Will keep

That said, a source familiar with Microsoft’s plans tells ledge The company is planning to offer a bigger display with smaller bezels on the Surface Pro 8. We also understand that Microsoft will move to support Thunderbolt on at least one Surface Pro 8 model. This is the first time Microsoft has supported Thunderbolt on a Surface device following security concerns. Microsoft is planning to drop the USB-A port on at least one Surface Pro 8 model, combined with this Thunderbolt support.

Microsoft will ship its Surface Pro 8 with the latest 11th Gen chips from Intel and support for removable SSDs, just like the Surface Pro X and Surface Laptop 4.

Surface Book 4

Microsoft will also launch its larger Surface Book design next week. This is a significant design change that will include the addition of detachable displays in favor of displays moving forward to convert between tablet and laptop form factors, like the HP Elite Folio. Windows Central previously reported These details last month.

This new design also allows Microsoft to upgrade the display on the Surface Book 4. We understand that Microsoft will opt for a higher refresh rate display on the Surface Book 4, possibly up to 120Hz to support a new Windows 11 dynamic refresh rate feature. . This will allow the Surface Book 4 to incorporate smooth scrolling, and then switch to the standard 60Hz mode to save battery life.

This dynamic refresh rate will also help improve inking on the Surface Book 4, as inking will switch to higher refresh rates. Microsoft is also improving the Surface Pen that works with the Surface Book 4 to include haptic feedback. It will also snap to the side of the Book 4 and support charging when it’s there.

Microsoft will have a new Surface Pro X ready for Windows 11.
Photo by Tom Warren/The Nerdshala

Surface Pro X

Microsoft is also expected to launch a new Surface Pro X model next week. While there won’t be any major design changes, we are expecting a chip upgrade inside and possibly a higher refresh rate display as well. We’ve heard that Microsoft is testing higher refresh rate displays on the Surface Pro or Surface Pro X line, and we’ll find out next week whether Microsoft has managed to upgrade its displays on the Surface Pro lineup.

surface go 3

The last Windows-powered Surface device we’re expecting next week is the Surface Go 3. This smaller Surface will retain the same small footprint design but with a major upgrade inside. We’re told that at least one model will come with Intel’s Core i3 processor, which will offer better performance for a Surface this smaller than the current Pentium Gold processor model.

We’re also expecting Microsoft to move away from models with 4GB of RAM and slower eMMC storage on the base model. Surface Go 3 looks like a minor upgrade just in time for Windows 11.

Surface Duo 2 leaked.
Image: Tech Rat (youtube)

Surface Duo 2

Microsoft is also ready to launch its next Surface phone. The successor to the Surface Duo has already leaked online, offering an early glimpse of what to expect. The biggest hardware upgrade will be a triple-camera system consisting of ultrawide, telephoto and standard camera lenses.

The triple-camera system will add a camera bump to the rear of the device, as seen in images leaked earlier this year. The Surface Duo 2 should ship with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 processor with 5G support and an NFC reader, both of which were missing from the first generation.

Microsoft is also making a few other small changes to the hardware on the Surface Duo 2, including moving its fingerprint reader to the power button on the Duo 2 and centering the USB-C port on the right side.

The real questions surrounding the Surface Duo 2 will be its software changes. The original Surface Duo has struggled with its software support for dual displays, and the successor is expected to ship with Android 11. That should help with some dual-screen support, but Microsoft will also have to offer far better software support to make the Surface. Duo 2 successful.

ledge September 22 will cover all of Microsoft’s Surface hardware announcements. The event starts at 11AM ET / 8AM PT, so stay tuned for all the latest Surface news.

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