What workers really want out of their jobs

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There are some clear disconnects between what Americans think society values ​​at work, and what they themselves think is important, according to a new survey First provided to Nerdshala, from think tank Populous.

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why it matters: CEOs need to understand what workers really want from their jobs as they deal with the unprecedented crash in the midst of “great resignations.”

big picture: The public tries to understand the difference between people’s perceptions and beliefs with a unique perspective.

  • Its method prompts respondents to choose between priorities – such as the ability to work remotely versus the ability to have a free meal at the office – rather than simply stating whether or not they consider a given factor to be important.

Consider this: Americans rank the importance of the statement “My job is recognized as prestigious,” ranked 55th out of 60 factors associated with success at work. But he considered it a top-five priority for the others.

  • And although polling indicates that workers – especially youth – expect their employers to speak up on social issues such as racial injustice and climate change, the latest poll from Populous says “organization leadership takes a strong position on current events” 60 out of which is ranked 57th. The perception of how much others value it, it was also ranked 57th.

of note: one in 2019 Gallup/Population SurveyBefore the pandemic changed the working world, Americans ranked flexibility to set their own work schedules as the 74th most important of the 76 characteristics associated with a successful and happy life.

  • Now, after the pandemic made remote and hybrid work popular, it is second only to compensation.
  • “A lot of CEOs are looking at hybrid work as a temporary thing, but if you’re not thoughtful about it, you can lose talent,” says Populous President Todd Rose.
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