WhatsApp finally enables its long-awaited multidevice feature for certain users

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Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg confirms WhatsApp will be receiving multi device support This year, WhatsApp has finally unveiled the feature, though with some limitations.

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The new multidevice feature has been rolled out on iOS and Android for all users who are using whatsapp business App for Android or WhatsApp Beta with either version or 2.21.23.

The multidevice feature allows WhatsApp to be used on up to four linked devices without being connected via a smartphone. Once the devices are linked, messages can be sent using the WhatsApp desktop app or the web-based service app. After linking, the desktop app will be able to securely download messages from your WhatsApp account, and individual calls and messages will be encrypted across devices.

WhatsApp Chat Transfer with Lightning to USB-C Cable.  Credits: WhatsApp.
WhatsApp has enabled the multidevice feature. WhatsApp

However, there are certain limits. The first is that users are not allowed to call or send messages from desktop, portal or web to other users who have older version of WhatsApp. Secondly, users can connect only one phone to their WhatsApp number at any given time. Third, if users do not use their phones for 14 or more days, linked devices are automatically disconnected. Lastly, this feature is not currently available on Android tablets or iPads, although we expect that to change soon.

iPhone users can enable the multi device feature from WhatsApp Settings. just go Adjustment Tab, then select Linked Devices > Multidevice Beta > join beta, Meanwhile, Android smartphone users can tap the three-dot menu button from the toolbar, then choose Linked Devices > Multidevice Beta > Join the Beta, Both sets of users will have to scan the QR code available on their secondary devices to link them with the WhatsApp account.

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The company also says that users can leave the beta at any time if they prefer to wait for the final, stable release. To leave the multidevice beta, you just have to go back connected devices section in WhatsApp Settings, then tap Multidevice Beta > Skip Beta,

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