WhatsApp is changing its European privacy policy after record fine

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Back in September, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) imposed a massive €225m fine on WhatsApp for failing to properly comply with GDPR law in Europe. Although the company is currently appealing the decision in the High Court of Ireland and the European Court of Justice, parent company Meta has announced that the privacy policy changes sought by Sentinel have now been implemented.

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The changes include not only reorganizing the Privacy Policy documentation for better clarity, but also providing additional details in several areas. Although WhatsApp operates on a global basis, the change in privacy policy only applies to users in Europe and the UK.

The penalty issued by the DPC was the second highest ever in relation to the GDPR. WhatsApp has been criticized and punished for failing to meet transparency obligations under privacy rules. Announcing the change in policy, WhatsApp says:


“We are updating our privacy policy for our users, at the direction of our leading European data protection regulator, the Irish Data Protection Commission.

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We know privacy is a top concern for our users, so we want to be very clear: this update does not change the way we operate our service, in which we share your data with anyone, including your parent company Meta how to process, use or share ,

privacy practice

The company says it only wants to “add additional details about our current practices” with the update.

The added information to the Privacy Policy is details about what data is collected, why it is collected, how it is stored and used, when it is deleted, and what data comes from third parties. Is. On top of this, the update provides more details about data sharing across borders and information on how to protect the data.

WhatsApp users in the affected areas will see a banner notification in the app, inviting them to read the 12,000-word, 35-page policy document. Since there are no significant changes to the policy, users will not be required to agree to anything new in order to continue using the Service.

Analysis: Privacy, Globally

The problems faced by Meta for its WhatsApp, Facebook and other services highlight the difficulty of operating a global technology company, which is required to comply with various privacy laws and other regulations around the world. For such a large company, even a hefty fine issued by the Irish Data Protection Commission is actually pocket change, and in no way serves as a deterrent against further breaches.

However, even powerful organizations like META can be forced to make changes to work in certain markets, and here is what happened. Increasing public scrutiny legal action on firms also plays an important role in encouraging good practices and best practice.

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