WhatsApp is developing an amazing new tool that lets you create your own stickers

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A new sticker-creation option was seen in the beta version of the latest WhatsApp desktop app. When it rolls out on a wider scale, it will mean that you no longer need to rely on third-party apps or sticker packs. In other words, if you love the idea of ​​turning your wedding photo into a sticker to share in chat, then go for it.

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The news of the sticker making tool was first shared by Mukul Sharma on Twitter:

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Sure, most of the communication done in messaging apps is textual – at least in chats that aren’t video calls – but emoji also play an important role in conveying thoughts and feelings. Recently apps like WhatsApp have introduced stickers to take emoji as a means of expression to the next level.

WhatsApp includes a good range of built-in stickers, and you can add to your collection by installing sticker packs. These can be free or paid for, but you may find it difficult to track down your favorite sticker packs. Looks like WhatsApp has quietly answered your prayers.

get creative

If you’re already nervous about your design skills, there’s no need to worry. The sticker creation tool is easy to use, and looks like a simple image editor you’re probably already accustomed to.

You can import an image right from your computer and use editing tools to crop out the most interesting part of the shot. You’ll also find familiar tools for rotating images, adding and drawing text over it, and adding shapes and other elements.

WhatsApp users are begging for the ability to create stickers. At the moment, it’s not possible to say when the sticker creation tool will exit beta testing and be made available to more people. Nor is it possible to say when or whether the tool will arrive on a mobile platform – although it’s hard to imagine that it’s exclusive to the desktop app. But stay tuned: We’ll keep you informed of any new developments.

  • Via: 91mobiles/Android Authority

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