Where to preorder the colorful new PS5 covers and DualSense controllers

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Get a facelift for your PS5 — both the disc version and the digital version

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Ever since the PlayStation 5 was announced, opinions about its design and styling have been thoroughly mixed. Many jokes and memes have been made about the PS5’s sheer size, and its two-tone monochromatic colors and spreading wings reminiscent of a large router. Jokes aside, once Sony revealed that the white covers are user-removable, replacements were sought. Many people immediately wanted to own a blacked-out PS5, a small cottage industry of third-party suppliers selling unlicensed goods, until Sony swung out with cease and desist letters. didn `t come.


Sony finally arrived and in December announced their own official replacement covers for the disc-based PS5 and digital editions, called the Galaxy Collection, and they’re coming with DualSense controllers. The upcoming faceplates come in black and red — matching Sony’s DualSense controllers released in the summer — as well as completely new colors called “Starlight Blue,” “Nova Pink,” and “Galactic Purple.”

The lineup of colorful DualSense controllers and console covers has a staggered launch window, with some debuting in January and others slated for February as exclusives via PlayStation Direct; Others are simply “coming soon.” Regardless of exclusivity and release timetable, expect to pay $54.99 for the replacement cover and $74.99 for the new DualSense colors upon their debut. Here, we review all the options on offer, including where you can preorder them and when to expect them.

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We’ll update this post as new information becomes available on unannounced release dates, as well as purchases from more retailers. and don’t forget to study it Instructions for Replacing Your PS5’s Outer Cover,

Image: Sony

Where to Buy the Midnight Black Cover and DualSense Controller

Probably the most sought-after color for the PS5 is black (don’t you dare call us boring!) Sony has already released a DualSense controller and Pulse 3D wireless headset with a black finish, and these console covers A blackout is the last thing needed to get a PS5.

Black DualSense Controller readily available here heroine, best Buy, Target, walmart, And GameStop For about $70. The upcoming console cover in matching black can be pre-ordered for PlayStation Direct Standard PS5 or digital edition, each costs $54.99. They’re being released exclusively via PlayStation Direct on January 21st, with availability at other retailers expected a month later on February 18th.

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