White House criticizes bleak “outlier” Quinnipiac Biden poll

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White House deputy chief of staff Jennifer O’Malley Dillon is publicly attacking a new poll that gave President Biden a 33% approval rating, using the full weight of his office to call it an “outsider,” According to a memo shared with Nerdshala.

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Why this matters: by issuing a memorandum is questioning Quinnipiac University Polling methodology, the White House is demonstrating how seriously it takes negative perceptions of the president’s job performance at the start of a crucial midterm year.

  • It’s also acknowledging that the president’s approval ratings are well under water — just not as deep as Quinnipiac found.
  • O’Malley Dillon writes, “The average of thirty-eight out of all public polls finds the President’s approval at 43% approval.” Quinnipiac, on the other hand, is at 33% approval. It is quite different from all other recent elections.”
  • Polls released Wednesday showed 53% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s work, with 13% telling pollsters they have no opinion.
  • “We stand by our numbers,” said Doug Schwartz, associate vice president and director of the Quinnipiac University poll.

big picture: Since the summer, Biden has been battered by events and his own miscalculations.

  • His signature Build Back Better agenda stalled in Congress, and his push for voting rights was undermined by Sen. Kirsten Cinema (D-Ariz) on Thursday, just before his fellow Democrats lobbied in the Senate.
  • His administration was previously caught flat-footed by the Delta version of COVID-19 and now appears to be a step behind the Omicron version as it grows nationwide.
  • Also on Thursday, the Supreme Court rejected their plan to force large companies to impose vaccine mandates on their employees.
  • Their polling number became increasingly negative after the US’ chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, during which 13 service members were killed by a suicide bombing at the airport in Kabul.

What are they saying: “What you see in most of these elections is a real disappointment and exhaustion with COVID and the fact that it is not over,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.

  • “We share it. We understand it. People across the country are tired.”

Flashback: Throughout the campaign and as president, Biden has been dismissive of the vote.

  • “Elections are going up and down and up and down,” he said at the G-20 summit in Rome last October. “They were high early, then they got medium, then they went back up and now they’re low.”
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go in: In his criticism, O’Malley Dillon has targeted the voting use of so-called “random digit dialing”.

  • She also suggests that Quinnipiac is allowing too many respondents to answer “don’t know” when asked about the president’s work, and therefore dilutes some soft support for the president.
  • “In this most recent survey, their ‘don’t know’ share was 11%, while the 538 averaged 6%.”

go in: read memo,


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