Who is 'couch guy' on TikTok? The internet's latest obsession, explained

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Tiktok video seen around the world.

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TikTokers don’t miss a beat. This is very clear after a reunion video, which was heartwarming, instead made an in-depth analysis of a couple’s relationship and the countless parodies that now dominate many TikTok feeds.


The suspicion that arose after the original video was posted has been dubbed “Couch Man” and the video with the #couchguy hashtag has garnered over 657 million views to date. But how did it all start, and what are people really so impressed by? Here’s everything to know.

Who is ‘Couch Boy’?

It all started when TikTok user @laurenzarras posted a video on September 21 about surprising her boyfriend in college. “Robby didn’t know,” the caption reads. In the clip, she walks into an apartment with two boys, a backpack and suitcase, and walks up to her boyfriend, who is sitting on a couch with three other girls. He looks genuinely surprised, and he slowly rises to hug her. There is another man in the room, who is sitting on a different chair. The video currently has over 59 million views.


Robbie didn’t know

Still falling for you – Audiobear

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Seems innocent enough, doesn’t it?

Wrong, apparently. Users flooded the comments section warning the user who posted the video that her boyfriend might be cheating on her.

“The brothers are on the couch with three other girls,” one comment read. Another says, “Girls look weird, boys look happy, boyfriend looks scared. Didi… please ask questions.” “3 girls 3 boys… sister you disrupted the party,” commented another. “He hugged her like she was his aunt at Christmas dinner,” reads one. Even Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran commented, writing, “Use these two words wisely, Lauren. ‘I’m out.'”

Some users reported that it looked like the girl next to the couch had her phone and quietly slipped it before she got up to hug her girlfriend. (There have been many breakdowns and play-by-plays of this; more on that in a moment).

One user commented, “I don’t like sneaky phone passes at all.” Another wrote, “He secretly snatched her phone from the girl next to him.”

How have the couple reacted?

TikToker @laurenzarras defended her boyfriend and their relationship in the comments section, writing: “It breaks my heart that people can see a special moment and bring so much negativity. Please think before assuming anything about my relationship . For comment on the phone, his phone was in his lap. Thanks for the concerns though! And no, I’m not in denial.”

Her boyfriend, under the account @souljawatchambassador, posted his own reaction video, writing on footage of the infamous couch: “Couch guy here. Welcome to the berries and creams exit from TikTok (referring to one) Previous Trends on Social Video Apps), but remember: not everything is true crime. Don’t be a parasocial creep. Go get some fresh air. Take care.” He captioned the video: “I love @laurenzarras, she is the best. #couchguy.”


I love @laurenzarras, she is the best. #couchcow

Tears in Brasil – Piero Piccioni

Due to the way TikTok works, we haven’t been able to contact @laurenzarras or @souljawatchambassador directly yet.

How have TikTokers reacted to the video?

It seems that most people on Tiktok are not buying the innocence of the couch person. In fact, a TikTok search under #couchguy reveals countless videos breaking down every moment of the original clip, with some users carefully analyzing the alleged phone passes and others noting that they shudder when their girlfriend comes in. On the back of the boy on the sofa see a girl’s hand.


can’t stop can’t stop #crime scene#couchcow#Guilty#fyp

Still falling for you – Audiobear


I’m not ashamed of how many times I’ve seen this look sister #fyp#For you#couchcow#amazingmybf#take the dayoff challenge#green curtain

Still Falling for You – from “Bridget Jones Baby” – Ellie Goulding


Someone put it to catch the cheater ## CouchGuy##Take the Dayoff Challenge##BenefitOfBrows## FYP##Cheating

Original sound – Bigtoe

That said, one user posted a video that was intended to debunk the claim at hand:


#couchcow It’s not a thumb I would bet my life on it. #Watch

Still falling for you – Audiobear

Others have opted to make a parody of the original clip, reiterating scenarios in which it is clear that their partner is not thrilled to see them or is apparently guilty of cheating.

In one clip, a girl asks her boyfriend to propose to another woman.


Still falling for you – Audiobear

In another, a girl knocks on the door of her boyfriend’s apartment and he awkwardly pulls off his shirt and walks out, only to see another girl peek out the door a short time later.


This is the behavior of Robbie… #couchcow

Still falling for you – Audiobear

Yet another parody shows a man stroking her and cooing with several other girls on the couch, until his girlfriend walks in and he awkwardly hugs her with hands full of phones.

@sexyschool teacher

Robbie didn’t know #couchcow

Still falling for you – Audiobear

Because this is the Internet, even cat videos are showing up. A video that read “Surprise my cat by coming home early” shows two cats intertwined on the couch before the owner walks in and interrupts them.


If you know, you know. #couchcow#catsoftiktok#fyp

Still falling for you – Audiobear

One user made fun of the Couch Man video’s power of solidarity on the Internet. “How beautiful it is to get emotional thinking that this year so many people from different backgrounds, political beliefs, vaccination preferences etc came together,” she wrote.


United we stand on the topic of couch man #couchcow#world peace

Still falling for you – Audiobear

Couch Man inspires people to post their reunion video

In classic TikTok fashion, people took the opportunity to share heartfelt videos of their own that surprised their significant others.

“May I offer you a ~different~ kind of #couchguy,” read a caption in a video of a girl surprising her boyfriend, who is sitting on a couch as she walks in.


Can I make a ~different~ present for you ## CouchGuy

Still falling for you – Audiobear

Another clip shows a man walks into the kitchen to surprise his significant other, titled, “Had to jump on the trend…


Had to hop on the trend… he flew and went through a Texas snow storm for it!!! ##Take the Dayoff Challenge## CouchGuy##BenefitOfBrows

Still falling for you – Audiobear

In another, rather dramatic clip, a couple reunite in perhaps the world’s most aggressive embrace. The caption read, “I’ve always loved it and it seems relevant.”


I’ve always liked it and it seems relevant. ## CouchGuy

Original Soundtrack – I’m in a flop era…yay :/

Is someone defending the couch boy and his girlfriend?

Between all the Couch Boy jokes, analyses, and alternate couple reunion videos, you’ll find some videos of people defending the original couple.

“If you think Couch Boyfriend is cheating, he probably is, but I don’t think the video is proof. I think he was caught off guard,” commented one TikToker. “But if you think about every single one of these videos we’ve seen that’s the only one who’s cheating, you’re out of your mind. In a five-second clip, anyone can look like a happy couple.” . Leave this poor girl alone.”


@saralashhh The answer to social media isn’t real! Men in bad videos can be good and men in good videos can be bad! #fyp#couchcow#surprisevisit#For you

Original Soundtrack

Someone else said, “I think it’s wild that that relationship is now under a microscope of the entirety of TikTok.” “I just hope that if/when they break up, please don’t drag that girl around because it’s already embarrassing for her.”



Original soundtrack – Savagesschwo

If one thing is clear, it’s that the couch guy and his girlfriend will have to defend their relationship until the next viral trend rolls around.

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