Why everyone’s talking about “Squid Game” and dalgona

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If you haven’t heard of “Squid Game,” a Netflix series that has taken South Korea by storm—and seems set to do the same in the US—here’s what you need to know:

  • “Squid Game” is a nine-episode mini-series with a “Hunger Games”-type plot, set in a dystopian world in which desperate people compete in deadly children’s games to win a huge cash prize.
  • One plot element involves a toffee-style candy called dalgona, which is made from melted sugar and baking soda — and that’s why the candy (often sold as lollipops) and dalgona coffee are both available on TikTok. have gone viral. (You can make candy in less than 10 minutes, To A hot-off-the-press NYT recipe.)
  • The third episode of “Squid Game” is “All About Puppy”, a game in which children try to pick up shapes printed in brittle Dalgona using needles, The Times reports.
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why it matters: Show – Whose red with its creepy looking masked guards Dress This Halloween is likely to be ubiquitous—points to inconvenient socioeconomic truths that resonate in many societies, The Times telling.

  • The “Squid Games” tapped “a feeling familiar to people in the United States, Western Europe, and other places, that it has become harder to achieve prosperity in nominally prosperous countries, as wealth inequalities widen and House prices rise to affordable levels.”
  • It is “now the top-ranked show in the United States on Netflix and on track to become one of the most-watched shows in the history of the streaming service,” according to the Times.


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