Why the Creator of Wordle Recommends Another Wordplay, Knotwords

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Screenshot of the mobile game Knotwords.

Looking for more wordle alternatives? Who better to trust than the creator of the popular word game.

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Wordle creator Josh Wardle recently praised Knotwords, a mobile game for Android and iOS devices that offers a crossword puzzle solution.

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“It’s an incredibly elegant daily word game,” Wardle wrote. “What impresses me the most is that, despite its deceptively simple appearance, it was clearly built with great care and attention.”

Wordle became a daily staple in many players’ lives in January when its popularity soared, in part due to its ability to share puzzle progress via social media. The success of the game led not only to possible ransom New York Times, but the growth in the number of spin-offs.

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How do you play Knotwords?

Available for Android and iOS devices, Knotwords is similar to a crossword puzzle, only with smaller anagrams.

The puzzle itself is made up of many blocks that look like a crossword but are divided into unique sections. In the corner of each section is a tiny list of letters that can only be used in that section.

Once you get all the correct words in the puzzle, you win.

Games like Wordle

Wordle lovers can also try worlda geo-themed version in which players must guess the correct country, and Cordlewhich simultaneously features four Wordle-style puzzles that players must solve at the same time.

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