Why you should watch the most overlooked sci-fi gem on HBO Max

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Jared Leto as Mr Nobody.

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When it comes to thought-provoking science-fiction drama, nothing better than you Unknown. at least, that’s it critics Thought when it premiered in 2009 – Hitting best movie lists of the year. Still, no one saw it until it was released in the US two years later, with a couple of Venice Film Festival victories resting under his arm.


It features various versions of a man named Jared Leto playing Unknown. From 34 to 118 years old, we see a complete timeline of a man in various stages of his life – and an actor under different levels of prosthetics.

Both are impressive.

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Mister no one is sitting in HBO Max’s safe at the moment. A cult gem that is over a decade old, waiting for you to check out other things to see.

Jared Leto stars as Mr. Nemo Nobody, a 118-year-old man living in a future where “half-immortality” is the norm. The last mortal, Mr No one captivates the audience, who patiently wait for him to die and say something meaningful in a TV spot.

We are drawn to the life story of Mr. Nobody, but the life story of Mr. Nobody makes any sense.

From the beginning of time to the end – from a white void swarming with angels to a spaceship headed to the Red Planet – we see the entire length of one’s existence, Mr.


Jared Leto as 118-year-old Mr. Nobody.

Yet – wisely – the film is closer to the human relationships that tie her life together.

We tell Jared Leto not to wear prosthetics as we cover important periods in Mr. They are all linked to his failed relationships with Alice (Sarah Polley), Anna (Diane Kruger) and Jean (Linh Dan Pham) dating back to the 80s.

These periods, colored with blue, red and yellow motifs, represent different mindsets: depression and despair (blue), passion and love (red) and material wealth (yellow).

Mr. No one is on a journey to figure out the best way to live their life. His mind is filled with every possible outcome from his every decision. Does he marry Alice, Anna or Jean?

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