Will these costumes be ‘Among Us’ for Halloween? Game maker’s colorful collection sells out quickly

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The Seattle-Area Team Behind the Hit Social Reduction Game among us Elevating the appeal of the sport, it has released a line of inflatable crewmate costumes. But the colorful, bloated costumers sold out early this week, leaving anyone saying, “What are you going to do for Halloween?”

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The polyester costume, created in collaboration with London-based toy company Toikido, comes in four colors and they self-inflate using a battery-operated fan. If you want to carry a candy bag or adult beverage, the sides have zip-up arm holes.

Costumes cost one-size-fits-all $49.99 for adults and $39.99 for children. Adult size stops at 5 feet, 9 inches, so taller crewmates should be more prepared to show their ankles or below.


The adult costume also features a reflective PVC fake faceplate that anonymizes the wearer, while the children’s costume has mesh fabric.

according to the officer among us Twitter accounts, the costumes were available for sale online on Amazon, Walmart and Party City, all of which sold out from their current stock in about 30 minutes. a resupply reportedly works, and ideally will be available before Halloween.

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Released early in 2018 by independent studio Innersloth in Redmond, Wash. among us There is a social deduction game for up to 15 players. Most of the group consists of space-friendly crewmates who must perform various tasks to keep their environment habitable, but at least one is secretly an alien traitor who is out to kill everyone.

The crew mates win if they can figure out who the cheater is and vote to kick them out; Cheaters win by killing everyone or by eliminating game clock.

among us The game was an obscure mobile game until the summer of 2020, when some high-profile streamers picked it up. It immediately went viral, and over the next few months, everyone from talk show hosts to American politicians was playing among us Online audience. as a result of propaganda among us Winning Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer at the 2020 Game Awards despite not actually releasing in 2020.

whereas among us Having lost some momentum since last year, it still has a consistent fan following. until Friday morning, just under 10,000 people were playing among us On Steam, with almost the same audience of game-related streams as on Twitch. A PlayStation 4 and 5 port of the game, announced earlier this year, still has no definite release date as of this writing.

in view of among us‘ Success, Innersloth has grown from three full-time employees to 11. Its roadmap for continuous development among us It includes a fifth playable map, new roles for crewmates such as “Sheriff” and “Lud and Seek” modes.

Innersloth has launched a Seattle-based . also worked with dual wild studio At the end of last year. to premiere a line of among us-Themed merchandise, which included shirts, blankets, hats and notebooks. A summer collection premiered in June that included water bottles, headscarves, and pool totes at Innersloth’s online store.

this is an interesting comment among us‘ Overall appeal. While the game is not yet played as much, the rate at which inflatable costumes are sold is an indicator that among us There is still a significant fan base, as well as more cultural influence than people can give credit for.

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