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Back in 1999, the Moon was blown out of orbit by a massive nuclear explosion, leaving the Solar System to move around the universe. Well, as of Gerry Anderson’s TV series Space: 1999, anyway…

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If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll be intrigued by the Moonbase Alpha Technical Operations Manual. This new book is presented as an in-universe guide to Moonbase Recruit (updated edition with details of the galactic wanderings of the Moon). Space: Drawing inspiration from both the Technical Notebooks published in 1977 and the Star Trek Fact Files of the 90s, it includes sections on things like the layout of the base, the Eagle transporter, other crafts, and uniforms/equipment. The makers promoted over 1000 Space: 1999 fans to find out what they wanted to see (Moonbase toilets were up on the list, apparently… people are weird), and European Space Agency director Dr. David Parker The material helped with the science.

Every spread is beautifully illustrated with newly created 3D graphics, black and white schematics and screengrabs, it’s a real thing of beauty, enough to make the asking price (£34.99) completely reasonable. You can do this BOOK ORDER NOWBut thanks to Anderson Entertainment, we have two copies to deliver. To put your name on the hat for a chance to win, simply answer the question below.


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