What has become one of the biggest features of Xbox Game Pass is the constant introduction of new games. It’s not only Xbox’s own first-party games, but there are also third-party releases of all different styles and sizes. The latest example is the competitive disc-throwing game. windjammer 2, push after several delays windjammer 2an initial launch window all the way from 2019 to at least 2021, windjammer 2 Now confirmed to be a launch game for Xbox Game Pass.

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The announcement was made in conjunction with Xbox and Dotemu, with Dotemu marketing head Arnaud De Sousa sharing the news in a lengthy news post on Xbox’s website. Its long and short is that windjammer 2 Now confirmed for Xbox Game Pass on both PC and Xbox consoles. Also, it’s going to be a day one launch, which means it will be free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers as soon as possible. windjammer 2 Is issued – whenever it is.


De Sousa also took this opportunity to confirm windjammer 2 Will support cross-platform play between PC and Xbox at launch. Not only is this cross-play between Xbox Game Pass users, but there is full support for PC players whether they purchase the game on Steam, the Microsoft Store, or download it via Game Pass. Prepare for interaction between controller or keyboard+mouse users whether there is an intuitive advantage windjammer 2,

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It should be noted that windjammer 2 Previously announced for other platforms as well. It has been confirmed for PlayStation, as well as Nintendo Switch and Stadia. An open beta was also held in August that was exclusive to the PC and PlayStation consoles. It is unclear whether any of Dotemu’s publishing plans have changed, but there is no reason to believe so at this time. Dotemu has yet to confirm cross-play for other devices.

whereas windjammer 2 Overall a small project, it has the potential to yield amazing success. Original windjammer Still due to its tactical depth, the fighting game is played competitively by groups within the community. windjammer 2 is leaning into that competitive space and will offer an online rank mode with rollback netcode.

All that’s left for Dotemu to do is to map out the rest of its development program windjammer 2 So it can give fans an idea of ​​when the game will be available. Clearly, after such frequent delays, Dotemu is wary of providing a release date without knowing for sure when the game will be ready. It could mean that 2021 is out of the question, or it could mean that there is a surprise launch coming soon. windjammer 2 closer to launch than ever before.

windjammer 2 In development for PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch and Xbox One.

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