Windows 11 gets better looking with a nifty visual effect that won’t slow down your PC

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Windows 11 is set to benefit from a little more visual sparkle as Microsoft is reportedly expanding the ‘mica’ effect to more apps in the OS.

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Windows latest noticed this, and for starters, the mica theme is an opaque effect that is applied to windows and the title bar, so that you can see the desktop wallpaper through it. While it’s a fancy translucent effect, the difference is subtle, and as Microsoft explains it “only samples the desktop wallpaper once to create its visualization”.

This means there’s less performance hit, and the overall idea is to add some brightness to the desktop environment without bringing any slack with it, especially with less hardware.


A Reddit user flagged the presence of Mica in Microsoft Word, and as seen by Windows Latest, Mica is introduced in the Feedback Hub and in the title bar of the Tips app in Windows 11 preview builds (in other words, in testing) . This effect is already present in some core Windows 11 apps like Paint, Photos, Calculator and Edge browser.

Analysis: Mica also helps you focus

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The plan, then, would seem to be the gradual introduction of Mica into Microsoft’s core Windows 11 (and Office) apps on a broader basis. That’s not a bad thing, considering you’re getting (hopefully) some extra UI polish without any noticeable impact on performance.

Of course, the software giant certainly can’t afford to take any steps that could be detrimental to the speed at which its new OS runs during basic desktop operation. Remember that Microsoft is busy beating the drums about improving the performance of core interface elements in Windows 11 next year, and that means resolving some thorny issues around File Explorer that have been a real disappointment for some users. Is.

It is also worth noting that Mica is not just about looking beautiful in terms of its design. Microsoft made it so that Mica draws attention to the current app being used, because for inactive apps that are open, Windows shifts back to a plain neutral color, a clear indication and view for active apps provides discrimination.

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