Microsoft has been getting a lot of attention lately with its new system updates, but there isn’t much positive, especially when it comes to gaming. Windows 11 is causing AMD processor performance degradation, but its security mechanisms are also causing problems.

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The Windows system upgrade has been released for select PC models, but will be pre-loaded in some new gaming PCs, such as the Razer Blade 15 Advanced. This new operating system will have some security features enabled by default, which can hamper gaming performance by up to 28%. But this is not the only problem that the new operating system has. AMD announced performance issues with Windows 11 and their processors, which both companies are working to resolve with updates later this month.


This security feature comes in two parts. VBS, virtual-based security, forms a single memory subsystem. In conjunction, Hypervisor-Enforced Code Integrity (HVCI) uses VBS to prevent unsigned drivers or software from getting into memory. Together, these add a line of protection that can limit damage caused by malware or viruses. However, there is a cost to increased defense, and that is performance. This disadvantage seems more for gamers. Combining this with the lack of a GPU due to the lack of a chip, many gamers are disappointed with this new operating system and plan to wait on the upgrade.

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With these security features enabled, many have noticed a 28% drop in average frame rate, tanking gaming performance. This fall could essentially give players an experience that would be like upgrading to a lower-end graphics card. Although Microsoft has been adamant about the added security of these features, many gamers are disabling it.

Some companies, such as Shadow, a cloud-based gaming service, discourage users from updating their systems until there is a solution to prevent these issues. However, gamers upgrading to Windows 11 won’t have this feature enabled automatically and don’t have to worry about disabling it. Others who are getting gaming PCs pre-built with Windows 11 will need to go to the registry to disable the VBS feature and system settings to turn off the Memory Integrity option.

For operating systems targeting gamers, Windows 11 poses a lot of problems when it comes to gaming performance. Microsoft is working on an update to address performance issues for AMD processors and may have an update to fix performance reductions caused by Windows 11’s security mechanics.

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