Winter Olympics live stream: how to watch Beijing 2022 online for free, schedule, events calendar

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The most spectacular show on earth, the Winter Olympics, starts next month. Beijing 2022 is set to be the sport’s equivalent of the most high-octane variety show ever, complete with intricate contraptions, insane aerobatics and displays of bravery, so wildly ill-advised not to give up on the summer sport. Make it embarrassing Read on and we’ll show you the best ways to watch the Winter Olympics 2022, wherever you are in the world.

Bobsleigh, skeleton, luge and ski jumping are events you probably only follow once every four years, but when they’re on TV you don’t do much else. Blink and you’ll miss them, though with only a small number of incidents on the Beijing 2022 schedule.


Curling, figure skating and ice hockey, meanwhile, are some of the slow burners, eclipsing action sports in some cases. They are also probably the most accessible Winter Olympic sport, no matter what kind of climate you live in. Follow the story right and you may be inspired to strap on a pair of blades or pick up a broom yourself.

Whatever your favorite snow sport, you can find out exactly in our Beijing 2022 schedule below, along with a day-by-day breakdown of the Winter Olympic event calendar.

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This is the biggest ever Winter Olympics for 2022. There are 109 medal competitions to be held in 15 disciplines and seven sports, and whatever country or athlete you follow, the good news is that It’s easy to get the FREE Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics live stream – Simply follow our guide to watch games online and from anywhere.

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How to Live Stream the Winter Olympics 2022 from Outside Your Country

Without wishing to state the obvious, the Winter Olympics are a global event, and there needed Be a way to see where you see yourself during the golden-mania fortnight. But if you’re abroad and struggling to watch it – or if you just want the convenience and language of your country’s coverage – geo-restrictions can get in your way of getting the Beijing 2022 live stream.

But there is a very simple way to solve that problem. By downloading and installing a VPN, you can effectively trick your computer into thinking it is back at home. That way you can enjoy your home coverage without any illegal streams – assuming you comply with the broadcaster’s fine print, of course.

Use a VPN to Watch Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics From Anywhere

ExpressVPN – Get the world’s best VPN
We put all the major VPNs through their speeds and we rate ExpressVPN as our top pick, thanks to its speed, ease of use, and strong security features. It’s also compatible with any streaming device, including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox and PlayStation, as well as Android and Apple mobiles, and the best part is that it has a great track record of unlocking even the toughest of streaming . Worldwide services.

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how to use vpn

Using a VPN is as easy as a couple of three…

1. Download and Install VPN – As we say, our top choice is ExpressVPN

2. Connect to the appropriate server location – Open the VPN app, hit ‘Choose Location’ and select the appropriate location

3. Go to the broadcaster’s live stream – So if you’re from the UK, go to BBC iPlayer

Free Winter Olympics Live Stream: How to Watch Beijing 2022 in the UK Online

bbc iplayer

like always, BBC offering free coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

In addition to hosting over 300 hours of live coverage on BBC One and BBC Two, there will also be an additional feed available on bbc iplayer, which is the best way to live stream Beijing 2022. It doesn’t cost a dime to stream and there are apps for most devices.

However, the BBC will not have All Work. You’ll need Discovery+ if you want to guarantee every event and every session.

Discovery+ is the best choice for you Most Comprehensive Winter Olympics Coverage, with a subscription of £6.99 per month or £59.99 per year after a 7-day free trial.

Not in the UK during the Winter Olympics? No worries – country residents can download and install a VPN to port themselves to a UK location back home, then watch live as usual.

Watch Winter Olympics 2022: Live Stream the US

peacock tv

NBC’s Tokyo 2020 coverage was a confusing mess, but the network has simplified things for Beijing 2022 — you can live stream all of the Winter Olympics on Peacock TV.

This is every event in every sport, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

Peacock costs only $4.99 per month For an ad-supported version of the service that not only provides coverage of Beijing 2022, but also loads of live sports including EPL soccer games, the Super Bowl, every major WWE event, and much more.

, Click on Peacock TV to start watching now

NBC will also offer some Winter Olympics coverage on TV, which you can stream live directly through the NBC website if you have the channel on cable, but Beijing 2022 is the main hub for all things Peacock.

If you’re abroad now, you can still tune in just like you would at home with the help of a good VPN. Or consult our guide to the best Peacock VPN alternatives for more details.

How to watch the Winter Olympics for free: Live stream Beijing 2022 in Australia

channel 7

Channel 7 lets Australian sports fans watch the Winter Olympics in Free Down Under.

And if you’d rather stream the action online from Beijing, Channel 7’s coverage is also available to watch through the network’s 7Plus streaming service.

The even better news is that it looks like the coverage is really maxed out, and you can pick and choose what you want to watch live as it’s happening. A resounding win for the Australian audience!

Not in Australia? To tap into your usual Winter Olympics coverage, use a VPN if you’re away from home.

Watch the Winter Olympics: Live Stream of Beijing 2022 in Canada for FREE

on your website

CBC is providing comprehensive coverage of the Winter Olympics in Canada, which is great because its coverage is available absolutely free of charge on its website and apps.

And on top of that, a premium (ad-free) subscription to the channel’s standalone streaming service, CBC Gem, offers a 1-month free trial. After that, a subscription costs CA$4.99 per month.

And don’t forget that using a VPN is the way to get your regular Winter Olympics live streams if you’re away from Canada during the event.

Watch Winter Olympics: Live stream Beijing 2022 in New Zealand

sky sport

Winter Olympics coverage in New Zealand comes courtesy of Sky Sport, which is available as part of a range of pay TV packages.

Subscribers can watch online using the country’s Sky Go service, while cord-cutters and anyone can try the Sky Sport Now streaming-only platform — where a weekly pass costs $19.99 and a monthly pass costs $7. After -day free trial is $39.99.

Anyone in New Zealand can do it from abroad or vice versa use the vpn route Just as mentioned earlier to access their preferred coverage as they do at home.

More Ways to Watch the Winter Olympics Online in 2022

As we say, there won’t be many places around the world where there will be a live stream of the Winter Olympics in 2021 Will not done be available. Just some may be more free to watch than others.

There is no more comprehensive or understandable list on the Internet than Wikipedia’s. If you want to know who is showing the live stream of Beijing 2022 where you are, check the list there.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Program and Schedule

  • Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony – February 4
  • Alpine Skiing – February 6-19
  • Bobsleigh – February 13-20
  • Biathlon – February 5-19
  • Cross-Country Skiing – February 5-20
  • Curling – February 2-20
  • Freestyle Skiing – February 3-19
  • Figure Skating – February 4-20
  • Ice Hockey – February 3-20
  • Luge – February 5-10
  • Nordic United – February 9-17
  • Snowboarding – February 5-15
  • Ski Jumping – February 5-14
  • Skeleton – February 10-12
  • Speed ​​Skating – February 5-19
  • Short Track Speed ​​Skating – February 5-16
  • Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony – February 20

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics schedule by calendar day

(All times add 5 hours for ET. GMT; add 16 hours for AEDT; subtract 3 hours for PT.)

Wednesday, February 2

7.05am – curling

11.10 pm – Ice Hockey

Thursday, February 3

5 a.m. – Freestyle Skiing

8.05 pm – curling

9.02pm – Figure Skating

11.10 pm – Ice Hockey

Friday, February 4

7 a.m. – Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

8 o’clock – curling

9.45 pm – Snowboarding

11.10 pm – Ice Hockey

Saturday, February 5

12.15am – Ski Jumping

12.45am – Cross-country skiing

2am – Biathlon

3.30am – Speed ​​Skating

5 a.m. – Freestyle Skiing

6 a.m. – Short track speed skating

6.10am – Luge

8.05 pm – curling

8.30 pm – figure skating

8.30am – Snowboarding

10 p.m. – Alpine Skiing

Sunday, February 6

12am – Cross-country skiing

3.30am – Speed ​​Skating

3.40am – Ice Hockey

5 a.m. – Freestyle Skiing

5 a.m. – Ski Jumping

6.30 pm – Luge

8.05 pm – curling

8.22pm – Figure Skating

8.30am – Freestyle Skiing

9.15am – Alpine skiing

11 p.m. – Snowboarding

11.10 pm – Ice Hockey

Monday, February 7

3.30am – Speed ​​Skating

4 a.m. – Biathlon

4.30am – Short Track Speed ​​Skating

5.28am – Ski Jumping

6.50am – Luge

8.22pm – Figure Skating

9 p.m. – Freestyle Skiing

9.40 pm – Snowboarding

10 p.m. – Alpine Skiing

11.10 pm – Ice Hockey

Tuesday, February 8

1.05am – curling

5 a.m. – Cross-country skiing

5.30am – Biathlon

5.30am – Speed ​​Skating

6.50am – Luge

8.30am – Snowboarding

9.15am – Alpine skiing

10 p.m. – Freestyle Skiing

Wednesday, February 9

2am – Nordic United

3.40am – Ice Hockey

6 a.m. – Short track speed skating

7.05am – curling

9.20am – Luge

8.05 pm – curling

8.30am – Snowboarding

8.30am – Skeleton

8.38 pm -…

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