With the help of IT, anyone can build low-code apps—fast

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Demand for new business applications outweighs most IT departments’ ability to deliver. Yet the demand continues to grow and the enterprise “app gap” is getting wider every day.

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One way companies are closing this “app gap” is:

  • add low-code platform
  • Identifying internal employees with the right mix of skills, knowledge and interest to be trained in these platforms “Citizen Developers” who can create new business applications for their department
  • closely involving IT to ensure that apps created by citizen developers do what they are intended to do; are safe, secure and obedient; And the company’s larger enterprises can fit into the IT ecosystem.

Low-code for faster business application turnaround

low-code platforms like ServiceNow’s App Engine Let everyday workers build digital workflow applications thanks to pre-built component modules such as self-service portals and workflow routing. Using the low-code tool’s graphical drag-and-drop user interface, a citizen developer selects built-in components that become the modular building blocks of their digital workflow apps.


Low-code solutions can reduce development time by 50%-90% compared to a coding language, according to 451 Research. This translates to lower cost-per-app and a quicker turnaround from idea to deployment – not to mention reducing IT’s app dev request backlog.

Non-IT citizen developers can build low-code apps

The beauty of low-code is that most ordinary employees – assuming they are motivated and have access to training – can learn how to do it in a short amount of time. This new breed of citizen developers can make a huge impact on an organization by creating department-specific apps that save them and their colleagues a ton of time.

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Once trained in low-code application development, citizen developers can help automate manual business processes, create apps still on their department’s wish list, and identify the need and opportunities for new business applications. can do. These range from monthly, repetitive tasks that have always been time-consuming, to COVID constraints and the move to remote work, to new workflows ideal for digitization making processes more difficult.

Provides railings for IT compliance, security, and more

While low-code makes it possible for civilian developers to build business applications, IT is an essential part of the process from beginning to end.

IT remains in control of the process:

  • Evaluating, selecting and provisioning low-code tools for use by citizen developers – tools that may already be used by IT
  • Partnering with citizen developers – monitoring their activities, ensuring that new low-code applications are doing what they are perceived to be in terms of business processes while adhering to best practices for enterprise app dev. IT is also involved in moving these new apps from development to testing, to be deployed and available.
  • Ensuring that these new applications meet company, industry and government regulatory standards and best practices for compliance and security. For example, an intake app for visitors visiting medical patients may ask for information such as “patient relationship” – but must not collect or expose health data protected by HIPAA. Security includes ensuring that the application does not allow the user to view, change or delete sensitive information inappropriately, or expose it to inappropriate people (for example, to limit the performance of the app after the user has completed Failed to clear).

Thanks to this combination of low-code platforms, citizen developers and IT, businesses can respond to new business requirements with agility while providing IT governance and oversight.

It gives citizen developers the necessary railing to develop apps that are scalable, secure and compliant. Meanwhile, IT is relieved to learn that non-IT can handle some of its application needs and requests—but these activities are still under its supervision.

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