Wonder Woman must defend Earth in a cosmic trial in Evolution #1 preview

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DC’s Wonder Woman steps up once again to save humanity in upcoming limited series Wonder Woman: Evolution, Writer Stephanie Phillips (Harley Quinn) released penciler Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool), inker Adriano Di Benedetto, colorist Jordi Bellaire, and Tom Napolitano for this eight-issue series with the title Wonder Woman.

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As an alternate-universe story not set in the main Earth-dominated continuum, Wonder Woman: Evolution begins with Diana being led by a mysterious god-like group of cosmic entities who serve as the moderators of this particular DC Universe. operate.

“Their job is to keep all the different planets and species under control – when someone gets a little too far out of line and poses a threat, they intervene,” Philips Newsarama. tells, “At the moment, they see humanity as a potential threat not only to Earth, but to the universe. The story will explore how they make their decisions about humanity and why Diana is the chosen proxy.”


Watch this preview of Wonder Woman: Evolution #1:

Combining opulent sci-fi with Diana’s core tenants of humanity, Wonder Woman Evolution will feature DC’s head Amazon as she undergoes a series of challenges in this cosmic trial attempting to convince these alien judges who are physically and mentally challenged. Taxes on both. At stake with the fate of humanity.

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“…with this I want the readers to really feel that the universe is bigger than us and that the danger is at the mercy of these ‘gods’,” hawthorn says, “I want to intensify the sense of keeping the world in balance, and hope that our hero is strong enough to hold our world.”

Hawthorne, Di Benedetto, and Bellaire portray the primary cover of Wonder Woman: Evolution #1, with a version of Riley Rosmo drawing Phillips’ Harley Quinn run. You can see both covers here:

Wonder Woman: Evolution #1 (out of 8) will be available for sale on November 16.

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