Wordle is the latest free game that is currently taking the internet by storm. Each day, the web-based game offers players a new five-letter word for players to solve, with up to six attempts based on given hints and context. If a player fails on six attempts, he is not allowed to play until the next day. This simple yet fun concept has seen incredible viral success, with gamers taking to social media to post about their results for these daily word puzzles. Within three months, the game garnered a following of over 300,000 people who played.

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With such a game successful in such a short period of time and the game being free to play, some people may worry about its future. Many such casual games are usually filled with in-game ads or adware while playing. It can be seen with other mobile games, such as pokemon go And it is rumored to include in-game messages. The game’s creator, Josh Wardle, explains that it will not be included in any form and will remain free-to-play.


In an interview with BBC Radio, Wardle explains that he has always been suspicious of mobile apps that always capture the player’s attention. He specifically mentions the practice when a game will send push notifications to a player to let them know to continue playing while they are doing something else. Wardle noted that he specifically designed Wordle Be as simple as possible, where it can be played within three minutes and then the player can move on to something else.

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maybe that’s why Wordle Existing only as a browser game, no mobile app version is currently being planned, as this browser version is being used to maintain its simplicity. Also, there are no plans to include in-game ads Wordle Either, “I’m not doing anything with your data, and that’s also quite intentional.”

Wardle noted that he never intended for this simple game to go viral, although he noted that the ability for players to share their grids on social media is why the game went around so quickly. . When asked if he had plans to try to make a profit from it, he categorically denied the notion. Wardle explained that his games are fun first, and wanted to keep it so that he doesn’t have to charge players to keep playing the game.

Wordle Now available for free, which can be played on the official website of the game.

Source: BBC

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