Wordle One of those rare little games that goes from nowhere to viral hit in no time. The massively popular browser game is completely free, and its distinctive social gameplay has made it a darling of social media platforms like Twitter.

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Unfortunately, success breeds imitators, and Wordle There is no exception. As a result, several imitation games have surfaced on the iOS App Store. Some of them are remarkably brazen in their attempts to confuse the players, and Wordle Fans are not happy with these blatant rip-offs.


On Tuesday, app developer and self-described entrepreneur Zach Schaade posted a tweet celebrating the success of his Wordle rip-off. The tweet soon went viral, in which Wordle Fans condemn gross plagiarism. Unlike the original game, which is completely free, Shaked Wordle The app is technically free-to-play but contains in-app purchases. And while Shaked’s gloating makes him seem particularly bold, it’s far from the only knockoff app to crop up in its wake. of wordley Breakout popularity. These apps often take minimal effort to differentiate themselves from the actual article. In some cases, it’s as little as adding an extra punctuation mark.

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Rip-off games are hardly a new thing and, as some Twitter replies pointed out, mobile game developers can be particularly dishonest in this regard. One of the most infamous examples is the mobile hit Flappy Bird. It became the most popular iOS game of 2014, and the App Store was soon flooded with hundreds of clones, before Apple broke down and began pulling them from the storefront. Unfortunately, for the creator of the actual WordleApple hasn’t always been consistent or particularly proactive when it comes to removing copycat apps. Android’s Google Play store isn’t much better, and a search for any popular title is likely to return a slew of shameless cash-ins.

For those who missed the viral hit, Wordle A simple puzzle game where players have six chances to guess a five-letter word. Hints appear after each guess with a new one Wordle Everyday. There’s also Hard Mode, where players have to rely on hints instead of trying to brute-force them with random guesses. Players can then share their results without revealing any words, allowing them to see how they stack up compared to their friends. Wordle It’s also completely free to play and only runs in a browser tab, the former of which automatically makes it better than almost every App Store knockoff.

Producer John Wardle developed the game as a gift for his wife. that’s why Wordle is and will be free-to-play and ad-free. It also lacks the clutter found in many mobile games and is free of the violent, habit-forming design that many mobile games rely on. who once again makes Wordle Stand head and shoulders above a growing crowd of impersonators.

Wordle The game’s website is free-to-play.

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