recently, world of Warcraft Announced the last major content patch of shadowlands Topic end of eternity, While sifting through files accessing public test servers, Dataminers discover details about the impending Anduin wren encounter that suggest a direct connection to the former Lich King, Earthus Menethil.

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Spoilers and speculation World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to follow.


world of Warcraft Will take players to the realm of the first people of Gerith Mortis end of eternity, where they will face Anduin Wren in the Sepulcher of the First People’s Raid. The abilities, lines and enemies discovered from the encounter not only invoke the Lich King Boss wrath of the Lich King, but pull the abilities and mechanics straight from it.

The first phase of the fight against the Anduin in the Sepulcher of the First Ones is called the “Kingsmorn Hungers”, a direct reference to one of the Lich King’s most iconic lines, the “Frostmorn Hungers”. Anduin’s eponymous ability banishes a player’s soul in the same way that the Lich King’s Harvest Soul ability returns in his battles. The intermission phase is also called “The Remnants of a Fallen King”. In this phase, this relic emerges to battle with or instead of Anduin, using two more spells used by the Lich King—Soul Reaper and Remorseless Winter.

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Earthus Before His Corruption - World of Warcraft Death Knight Facts

Players have since speculated an appearance or connection with Earthus. shadowlands was announced, especially due to his appearance in Uther the Lightbringer. Shadowlands: Afterlives Cinematic this was further enforced by the actions of the jailer, the villain responsible for the creation of the Lich King, and who later uses at least one of the Lich King’s abilities in his own encounter in the raid. While he was corroding Anduin’s sword to create Kingsmorn, the jailer retrieved fragments of a soul, many suspected to have belonged to Arthas himself, which could explain who and what are the remains of the Fallen King.

for a long time warcraft Fans are buzzing about any and all references to the iconic Lich King they can find shadowlands, The tragic fall of Prince Earth has since been one of the most iconic stories told in the universe. warcraft 3, and many references and connections are hidden shadowlands Many have wondered whether he would make a direct appearance in the story.

Other players would rather see the meaning buried. In between his story was told neatly warcraft 3 And wrath of the Lich King, and many believe that pulling her straight back into the narrative will undermine her story. Steve Danser, Wow The narrative lead, has previously stated that Blizzard had no plans to revisit Earth’s story. Although he may or may not appear directly, the legacy of meaning, power, and perhaps even his essence will certainly play a part in the fate of Anduin and the cast. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands,

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Available on PC. end of eternity Currently in development.

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