world of warcraft public testing area for its upcoming end of eternity The patch is underway, which means dataminers are already trying to crack its coding to discover all the goodies to come in the impending release. Simaiah, one such world of Warcraft Fans have discovered an interesting line of code within the game’s files that may indicate gender options may be added to the game in the future.

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Simia discovered a file called “unitsexconstatntsdocumentation.lua”, which contains four different gender options: male, female, both, and none. Historically, the unitsex index has only been used for armor set database binary files – a function that allows a single armor set to have a different design on male and female characters. However, this UnitSexIndex is on the documentation side, which means it can be used Wow Character creation options, barbershop, and quest text and dialogue.


it means that world of Warcraft May add customization options in the future to choose character pronouns independent of the gender and appearance of their external character model. If this file is indicative of such a change, for example, players may have a female-representing character model and voice, but characters in game and quests will use the pronoun he or she.

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it’s search No Not yet confirmed this option. world of Warcraft Such options are not indicated, and are thus purely speculative. Furthermore, files found in the public test area are subject to change, and are neither final, nor promised in an upcoming patch. Something found within it may come in a future patch or expansion, if it arrives.

That said, pronoun and gender adaptation is a frequent occurrence in some other games. Saints Row 4 was one of the first, with pyre Being another notable example. Amazon’s MMORPG, New World, is a more recent game, and is in direct competition world of Warcraft, which also gives players this option.

In almost every instance, pronoun adaptation is received as a welcome addition to any game. As modern understanding of gender politics expands, game studios give their players additional options with which to express themselves in games can be a good thing. Representation is important for groups such as the LGBTQ+ community, which are often marginalized in gaming by abandoning options such as gender expression.

There will always be groups of people who oppose such options, saying it complicates the game with unnecessary additions. Of course, such individuals are not the target audience of these customization options, and they are free to ignore them where they appear. In view of controversies, litigation and omissions world of Warcraft has included representation and equality, adding gender and pronoun adaptation to its game could be a way to start earning back the good faith of its fans, despite opposition from the vocal minority.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Available on PC. end of eternity Currently in development.

Source: wavehead

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