With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ With the final patch on the horizon, dataminers are opening up the code to the public test realm to piece together the coming narrative. Recent models and animations of Tyrande Whisperwind and Sylvanus Windrunner indicate that a cinematic conclusion to their conflict is imminent, and hint as to Sylvanus’ final fate. world of Warcraft, WARNING: Spoilers for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands detail below.

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Both new models have more elaborate armor and faces than their in-game models, and additional accessories, such as quiver and backup weapons. These detailed models, including one for Tyrande’s spirit owl companion, Dorithur, fit the quality level often used world of Warcraft The cinematics make it appear that Sylvanus has no hand, but given that Tyrande has a wrong hand as well, it’s more likely to be a mess than a story beat.


The datamine animation is messy, but shows Sylvanus leaping off a ledge and falling down the aisle. The most likely reference to these discoveries is a cinematic between Tyrande and Sylvanus, which ends with the prisoner leaping from Orybos into the hellish Maw below to bring back those souls. It’s likely part of the penance she’ll receive at Tyrande’s hands—a fate she’s willingly accepted according to voice lines she’s found recently. end of eternity,

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In an interview with Game Rent, Lead Narrative Designer Steve Danser expressed that the conflict between Tyrande and Sylvanas would come to a conclusion. end of eternity, one way or another. Considering Sylvanus’s change of heart, his spirit was regenerated, and his attempts to aid the players against his former mentor, his exile in Maw to clean up the mess he had made for his story. seems to be a logical conclusion – and one that will take an undefined time, except world of Warcraft To bring him back later.

Although player feedback has been mixed, most believe it will be as good as one can hope. Very good, given the direction of Sylvanus’ narrative. Although some want a redemption arc for him, a long road to undoing the damage done by him appears to be a proper way for Tyrande to set up Sylvanus. Whatever he had done as the jailer’s pawn, then simply killing him would be unlikely to provide a satisfactory ending.

still some world of Warcraft Fans won’t be satisfied regardless of the context of these new models and animations. After the corner is written to Sylvanus, many people would be happy if he was killed just for having to do with him, while the long-abandoned player believes. end of eternity His beloved Banshee queen was weakened by the unpopular jailer plot arc, for Sylvanus to be a different character altogether. Regardless, the conflict between Tyrande and Sylvanas seems to be coming to an end. end of eternity, so players will have to wait and see what happens and decide how world of Warcraft Done with iconic characters.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Available on PC. end of eternity Currently in development.

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