For the past seventeen years, a silent competition has raged on world of warcraft Night Elf Population: Who can make the longest chain of consecutive front flips? Until recently, this record was 16, but world of Warcraft Streamer SingActDirect has broken the old record by jumping 17 times in a row – a fitting gift of probability. Wow 17th anniversary.

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In world of Warcraft, Night Elves, Blood Elves, and Worgen have about a 20% chance of performing special jumping animations every time players jump. has been in the night elves world of Warcraft Since the beginning, however, meaning that competition on their front flip has been going on for years compared to the Blood Elves’ spin or the Vorgen backflip has been added. burning Crusade And Holocaust respectively.


The clip captured by SingActDirect was taken in world of warcraft classic, in the Dagger Hills area of ​​Westfall. Perched on a small hill, SingActDirect’s Level 18 druid, the aptly named Kittipuri, began his jumping spree, only to look around as if someone had just made 17 jumps in a row. Considering each person’s 20% chance of jumping after the first jump, the probability of doing so is so astronomically low that scientific notation would be needed to express the probability.

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The previous knight elf jump record holder was Crazy Frog fan club guild member Horkheimer, who jumped 16 during the cutscene for his fight against the Lich King at the IceCrown Citadel in 2020. Earlier, Yevna held the record with 15. Jumps back to 2016, also in Westfall. Others have claimed they have even broken high jump records, with one player claiming to have reached 19 jumps, but without video evidence, SingActDirect maintains the high score.

world of Warcraft Fans always love these kind of absurd challenges and lucky milestones, so the reactions were universally positive. Most people immediately beg players to go to the lottery, noting that the chances of winning are high with such exploits. Others warn these players that they have spent all their luck achieving their achievements, and that they should never put their luck to the test.

Others still say that SingActDirect’s achievement video is the best content. Wow in years. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands The year since its launch has seen less and less success, partly due to the unpopular system design and narrative direction, and also because of the sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits and allegations made against Activision Blizzard during the summer. With so much negative press surrounding Blizzard lately, it’s refreshing to see the community able to celebrate this spectacular, if not goofy, feat that anyone can appreciate, even if they don’t. Don’t be unhappy with the blizzard right now.

world of warcraft classic Out now on PC.

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