world of Warcraft The allegations of sexual assault and discrimination leveled against Blizzard last year are no small amount of investigation. In a recent build of the public test scope for patch 9.2, world of Warcraft Warlock released the third iteration of the helmet for tiered armor, now completely removing the pointed top from the hood and carrying an unintentionally racist visual resemblance to it.

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world of Warcraft gearing up for the launch of end of eternity, its second and final major content patch for shadowlands Scope. The patch promises a new area filled with new challenges, storylines and items, including the return of the much-loved class-specific level set from the new Sepulcher of the First Ones.


However, when world of Warcraft Revealed in November for tier set armor, players noticed an unfortunate detail: the Warlock class white hood-like helmet had a pointed top that made it dangerously close to the iconic headpiece worn by members of the American white supremacist hate group. Was visible from , Ku Klux Klan. Thank God, world of Warcraft Responded immediately with the intention of changing the helmet. The first attempt fell short, as it only added a black and gold band to break up the solid white, but this most recent version replaces the old dot with golden, ghostly horns that float above the now-flat cover.

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wow 9.2 enchanting helmet silhouette comparison kkk

by and large, world of Warcraft The community is relieved the art team shot and completely redesigned the hood. with the drama around Activision Blizzard right now, the last thing it needs is to give in to the demon-summoning Warlock class Klan hoods, which will undoubtedly lead to more conflict and urgency among players and developers, not to mention further bad press.

Some fans couldn’t help but notice that the new hood’s horns look like running ears, especially when viewed from the front. That said, looking like a rabbit is always better than being a member of the hate group.

fans of world of Warcraft Those outside the United States, on the other hand, were initially confused about what the controversy was about. The KKK is not well known outside of the states, and the spiky white hoods have had an association with pagan traditions and European and Russian folklore much longer than the hate group’s existence, leading to annoyance over the appropriation of cultural symbolism. Nevertheless, with a large proportion of players in the United States, unfortunately making the change was the safer option to avoid any association with the terrorist organization.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Available on PC. end of eternity Currently in development.

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