X-Men Red ropes in Storm, Magneto, Abigail Brand, and more for a Game of Thrones-esque political slugfest

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After the reveal of X-Men Raid Sword #11 (Read the recap of the Newsarama), which also features SWORD leader Abigail Brand as an ally of the Orchis and traitor to the mutant race, Marvel Comics has now announced a new X-Men Raid title by writer Al Ewing and artist Stefano Casselli. More details have been unveiled.

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The X-Men will focus on the mutants of the Red Planet Arcoko, formerly Mars, as they adjust to life on their new homeworld amid threats from both internal and existential. Under the guidance of Planet Araco’s regent, Storm, the mutants of Mars will form a new society—even if it comes under the challenges of the likes of Abigail Brand’s plan, and potential conflicts with Sunfire, Vulcan, Cable, and more.


“Mutantkind terraformed Mars, brought a dead world back to life, and changed the Marvel Universe forever,” Ewing said in Marvel’s announcement.

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“Mars is now the planet Araco, home to an ancient mutant society that spent thousands of years facing war, imprisonment and pain – and the home of Storm, who won a position of power on its ruling council,” he continues. “Now Arakko finally has a chance to find peace and make her way to the future… but there are some who would love to see her in captivity and subjugation. Does Mars really need the X-Men to save it? Need – or can Arko’s mutants fight for themselves? It’s not only Storm who’s asking… and the answers are in the X-Men Raid.”

X-Men Red is the latest addition to the new ‘Destiny of X’ era starting in March. Marvel Comics has previously released new titles called Immortal X-Men, a new X-Force, a relaunched Marauders, Nightcrawler’s Legion of X, a modified Excalibur called Knights of X, and X-Men legend by Chris Claremont. Written announced the details of the new Gambit series.

Plus Wolverine is adding Deadpool and Danger as co-stars to the series, and Marvel dropped a new 2022 version of an early 2021 fan vote that saw the final members of the core X-Men superhero team (Polaris) and X -main(in) selected. some ability) will join the Avengers and Eternals at Marvel’s big 2022 Marvel Universe event Judgment Day, which the publisher says will forever change mutant relationships with Earth’s mightiest heroes.

X-Men Raid #1 is set to end on April 6, with X-Men Raid #2 scheduled to follow on April 27. Stay tuned to Newsrama for Marvel’s full April 2022 requests, coming later this month.

All these upcoming titles made Newsrama our list All new X-Men comics, graphic novels and collections coming in 2022,

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