Monday, November 15th is the 20th anniversary of xbox to console. To commemorate twenty years of video games on the Xbox console, the team at Xbox held a special digital event online. The Xbox 20th Anniversary Celebration looks at moments from Xbox history with a number of exciting announcements mixed nostalgia. One of those announcements is that Xbox 76 is bringing back classic Xbox games via backwards compatibility, which are now available to buy and play on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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The list of 76 games includes several great franchises from Xbox’s past, some that will have Xbox fans wondering how they weren’t included in the backward compatibility program before. Examples include: Fear suffrage, Max Payne trilogy, star wars games like Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast And Starfighter: Special Edition, Many dead or Alive game, and many other exciting titles.

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New to Xbox backwards compatibility are games that many would otherwise have lost over time. for example, dark Souls Developer from Software’s Otogi And Otogi 2 Hack-and-Slash Action Games from Rockstar red Dead Redemption Ancestor red dead revolverMILF cult shooter Timesplitter 2, and tactical rpg Barbarian Hearts: Flames of Judgment Everyone has made a list. Xbox has clearly done its due diligence to invite all of its partners to help bring back a diverse array of Xbox and Xbox 360 games to new audiences.

However, the Xbox Backward Compatibility Program isn’t just about bringing back classic games. It is also about improving their performance on modern platforms. All of today’s new original Xbox additions will receive a resolution increase. Resolution will increase by 2x on Xbox One, 3x on Xbox Series S, and 4x on Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. 11 of today’s new games will also get an FPS boost, bringing their frame rate up to 60fps (26 existing backward compatible games). Also getting this FPS boost).

As some may recall, Xbox officially halted on the backward compatibility program two years ago due to licensing and compatibility challenges. Consider it one last brief push from the program today. Xbox says it will be the “latest and last” group of Xbox and Xbox 360 games to have added backwards compatibility.

While it’s disappointing that the event is coming to an end, it’s also exciting that Xbox was able to put together this last group of 76 game releases for the Xbox’s 20th anniversary. When the program was put on hold, some expected an additional game to be released. and never say never, because publishers and licensees may be more open to bringing their own xbox And Xbox 360 Game back on availability in the next 5 or 10 years.

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