hello infinity Having taken hits from players and critics alike for its flaws and shortcomings, nothing unusual for the industry. However, jumping into the criticism is none other than fast-food chains Wendy’s, Roasting Xbox and . Is hello infinity Due to the lack of campaign co-operation in the game.

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People who have been on the Internet in the past two months have probably heard about the back and forth reception of hello infinity, On the one hand, this is probably the best game aura The game ever made, perfectly matches traditional gameplay with modern movements and mechanic upgrades. On the other hand though hello infinity Some have been held back by questionable design choices, from armor customization to a lack of features like working custom games and forges. Most of the disappointment comes from the long wait since Halo 5: GuardiansWhen, in fact, the game looks like it could have used more time in the oven.


January 12th was National Roast Day, and for some reason Xbox let Wendy’s take a shot at it, and the fast-food chain didn’t disappoint. An almost intimidating Xbox responded to Wendy’s call for roasts on Twitter, writing at the time, “Okay. Let’s do this.” Two minutes later, Wendy replies, “Want to collaborate with this new aura campaign?” in which the Xbox simply gives an overlapping image of . hello infinityThe weapon looks shocked and disappointed. In the summer, 343 industries announced hello infinity The campaign will not launch with the cooperative and will come sometime in 2022.

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There are over 100 responses to Wendy’s Roast, the main sentiment being that the Xbox was sufficiently roasted. Things are a little more serious in the comments of Xbox’s response, with most people voicing disappointment or justification. Despite the year-long delay that pushed the game’s release from 2020 to 2021 as mentioned, most players agree that hello infinity Funny but incomplete, and Wendy’s roast is right to the bone of the game’s issues.

Looking at the situation as a whole, it’s perfectly okay to find this conversation between Wendy’s and Xbox funny; Xbox knew what it was doing when it responded to Wendy’s request for people to redeem it. At the same time, Roast currently highlights a legitimate shortcoming of the game, and so it’s okay to be mad that co-op isn’t a feature available yet. Maybe When Campaign Co-Operation Finally Arrives hello infinity, Wendy will come back to this post and ask again if Xbox wants to play. This will be a very happy ending to this story.

hello infinity Available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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