In the 2000s, Microsoft acquired bungee Before the release of the incredibly successful and impressive FPS mega-hit Halo: Combat Evolved, The game that catapulted the Washington-based studio into the limelight, changed aura In a profitable franchise for the Xbox console. The partnership would last until 2007 when Bungie broke away from Microsoft to become an independent developer.

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Nowadays, Bungie is still seen as an acclaimed game developer, as evidenced by its current hit title. fate 2, Bungie is also celebrating its 30th anniversary with lots of content fate 2, like new weapons and exotic buffs. While the developer is seeing success with its own IP, Microsoft aura The series is still going in its direction with other development teams. Interestingly, Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently commented on whether Bungie could still be part of the parent company today.


In an interview with Nerdshala, Spencer was discussing the history of Bungie’s work on Xbox and how things went down. When asked if the split from Microsoft was inevitable, he commented that Microsoft could have caught the former aura developer. “Can we do it today? I wish we could,” Spencer said.

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However, Spencer followed up on the inquiry, saying he understood why Bungie left Microsoft. “He had big ambitions at the time. He sold his business for a certain amount,” Spencer said. He noted that . with the release of auraOf course, it was a huge success for the parent company, rather than the developers and the team that were in the trenches. He continued this train of thought, referring to Bungie’s sci-fi shooter with his next comment, “If you’re saying, ‘Hey, I think I have another of those. And want to take the chance, ‘I can understand the allure of doing this as an independent company.

It could certainly give fans an idea of ​​a possible fictional timeline where aura was still being developed by the developers who started it. This may include Bungie which is probably working on an upcoming hello infinity, which was noted by Phil Spencer himself, had a rocky reveal ahead of its official release.

with both aura infinite Coming out next week and Bungie celebrating an important milestone some fans had hoped could be a crossover between the two properties. were recently fate 2 Screenshot of what appears to be a . point to aura The crossover arrives just in time for the 30th Anniversary Pack, with references to the latter’s iconic Needler Gun and protagonist Master Chief. However, there currently doesn’t seem to be any official word on the exact exactness of this crossover, either from Microsoft or bungee, However, it is interesting to think how things would have been if the two companies had stayed together.

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