When it comes to gamers and their hobbies, tailoring things to them is something very personal and important. Many players enjoy making some sort of peripheral or console something unique to them through customization in some way. Whether they are using the keyboard or controller to play, this is one of the main things that brings different gaming fans together. When it comes to customizing controllers, one xbox series x The owner customizes the controllers for a living and creates an impressive galaxy-style.

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reddit user TheTrueTero A custom controller known as XYKOTIC Customs runs the digital storefront, giving buyers the chance to bring home a unique PS5 or Xbox Series X controller of different pre-set builds. If buyers wish, they can spend money to customize it to make it even more special and exclusive to them.


TheTrueTero took to Reddit to share the Series X/S controller they made, which has a shell with a gorgeous galaxy shell on the front along with metallic blue buttons for an added finish. Fans on Reddit pointed out how amazing the controller looked when asking shoppers questions about their website, possibly leading to some new sales in the process.

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Even for those who love the controller, fans who want to buy it should make sure they have the money to do so. The custom shell alone leads to a high price, with the price for the Galaxy Controller at XYKOTIC Customs being $300 in Canadian dollars or $238.40 in US dollars. Still, for some fans, the money may be worth it for a unique controller such as a place in players’ Xbox controller collections, as well as supporting a small business in the resulting process.

If the Galaxy controller is impressive enough, XYKOTIC Customs has a few more options for potential buyers to sift through, each featuring customizable parts if one wants a certain shell with individual buttons. The website offers several different types for each type of player, whether for casual or competitive use.

While the website seems to have been launched recently, and is therefore only offering a small selection for now, TheTrueTero has already shared another controller they built for their site via a custom order. Which means more are definitely on the way. Interested fans should definitely keep an eye on the seller’s Reddit if their dream Xbox Series X Controllers that they can’t live without are about to be put up for sale.

Source: reddithandjob XYKOTIC Customs

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