Since the launch of the first Xbox console, aura Xbox has played an integral role in its continued presence within the gaming community. With a cacophony of games launched exclusively in each Xbox console iteration, aura One of Microsoft’s most important gaming qualities. Now, a fan has found a way to celebrate the two aura And the Xbox One in a revamped controller design.

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Several custom Xbox Series X controllers have emerged so far, all of which have been manufactured by Microsoft or existing development studios. That said, there are also plenty of custom controller designs created by members of the gaming community that are incredibly impressive in their own right. of which the most recent one being unique, aura Themed Xbox Series X Controller.


A Reddit user named griftygamerguy showed off a custom Xbox Series X controller with a depiction of the Master Chief near the center. The exterior of the controller is made to look like the classic Green Armor of the Chief. The work itself looks very professional and aesthetically pleasing. The artistic presentation of Master Chief in particular is really distinctive.

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It also looks like GriftyGamerGuy has tons of other custom controllers as well. A quick scroll through the user’s Reddit page will find a larger version of the custom Xbox Series X controllers. From fortnite To a nightmare before christmas, there is an impressive array of custom controllers that have been painstakingly created by the user.

This isn’t the first fan-made Xbox Series X controller to be themed after aura. Back in August, a User fan modeled an Xbox Series X controller after Needler, one of the most iconic weapons ever. aura Chain. It’s amazing to see how much ingenuity the gaming community has, given the right circumstances. That such custom controllers are made by regular people and not through professional channels.

However, as the months go by, many are curious to see what will finally happen. hello infinity. With the official release date confirmed for December this year, players will finally be able to experience all that hello infinity has to offer. It will be hard to know how true 343 Industries has kept to the original franchise, as well as bringing new elements to the table, until the game is properly released. with any luck, hello infinity will be able to meet the expectation of aura fans all over the world.

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