it’s easy to miss them, but xbox The Xbox Series X often runs bundled giveaways featuring the Xbox Series S, or sometimes PC hardware. Fans can use their hard-earned Microsoft Rewards points to receive entries in each sweepstakes, although the winner is decided by the fate of the draw. An Xbox fan managed to win, but failed to claim their prize in time, meaning they weren’t able to take it home.

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As reported by PureXbox, a Reddit user — whose name was withheld to avoid any potential personal information leaks — managed to win the grand prize of a custom Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X Bundle In one sweepstakes, the MSRP value of the total prize equals $4,288.98. Unfortunately, while the custom console and extra swag look great, they didn’t get to keep it.


While this may be considered plain old cosmic injustice, Redditors lost the console because they never got around to claiming it. Normally, Microsoft would send a Rewards email confirming that the entrant won the sweepstakes, but Reddit did not view or respond to any emails. Because of this, he lost the custom console, a digital copy of which far cry 6, A custom controller, a Samsung NEO QLED TV, and more.

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far cry 6 xbox

Obviously, the loss is prickly. Not only are the odds up against entrants winning the sweepstakes in the first place, but the bundle in question has a particularly high price tag. Plus, it all stems from simply forgetting, or neglecting, to check the email inbox, resulting in the bundle being lost forever. Not to mention, there’s no way to get the bundle back, as it reportedly already went to another entrant.

The process of winning sweepstakes can be long and complicated. There are a ton of legal hoops to jump through with some prizes, so it can take months to successfully claim anything. With how cluttered email addresses can get these days, especially for those with aggressive spam filters, it should come as no surprise that someone has completely lost one of the consoles.

If the Redditor is lucky, they’ll manage to get another custom Xbox Series X bundle in the future. It may not come with as many goodies as the bundle in question was particularly impressive, but who knows. Regardless, anyone who entered to win the contest should keep a close eye on both their regular and spam inboxes.

Source: PureXbox

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