Crystal Dynamics marvel’s avengers Hardly the world has been set on fire. Instead, it received a generally lukewarm reception at release and players have struggled to keep up since then. Even adding new content, like free war for wakanda The DLC, in August, wasn’t enough to completely change things.

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However, marvel’s avengers Finally the crowd is starting to draw. In fact, it has gone from a simple reception to an overnight sensation. The game’s recent arrival on Xbox Game Pass seems to have turned a moderately popular game into a massive hit.


It’s hard to say how much of a turnaround this has been, despite some marvel’s avengers Players are facing trouble on Game Pass. As Twitter user benji-sales pointed out, marvel’s avengers Already ranked on Game Pass’s most popular list. it comes right behind fate 2 and is in sight of Mojang’s titularly popular Minecraft. It has become one of the most popular Xbox games in the United States, putting it in the same ballpark as fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, And red dead redemption 2. Furthermore, Marvel’s Avengers is seeing a similar level of success in the United Kingdom. This is an impressive feat considering the general lack of enthusiasm from gamers marvel’s avengers up until recently.

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This was hardly an unexpected result. Some observers predicted that marvel’s avengers Its presence on Xbox Game Pass will be of great benefit, at least in the short term. Several other titles have followed a similar trajectory since the inclusion of Game Pass. The Xbox service is much more popular than its PlayStation counterpart, on which marvel’s avengers was already available. The question now is whether Crystal Dynamics can turn the sudden popularity of its game into a long-term success. It will all depend on how the studio continues to improve and expand the game, with more eyes on it now.

And there’s still a lot more to do for Crystal Dynamics. Pure Xbox described marvel’s avengers As for “a ton of fun while being somewhat disposable”, that seems to be the general notion of the game. Other reviewers criticized its live-service elements, despite a positive attitude towards it. Marvel’s Avengers Story and gameplay. The game also took heat for its loot system and repetitive endgame content. Not to mention that it did not have some significant technical issues at the time of launch.

However, they are all fixable problems, and the developers have already addressed some of them. game is mentioned war for wakanda The DLC was probably a step in the right direction. It added a significant amount of new content and was completely free for marvel’s avengers players. Crystal Dynamics also put out a recent and well-received next-gen update for the game on the Xbox Series X. If this trend matters, the studio could have a real hit on its hands.

marvel’s avengers Now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: pure xbox

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