xbox game pass One of the best deals in gaming right now, as new games rotate monthly for players to play as their heart desires. Although Xbox Game Pass may have looked very different than it currently is, it was originally being viewed as a video game rental service.

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The start of the Xbox One era was a signaling point for the direction in which Microsoft wanted to take the Xbox brand in. Microsoft saw a digital future when it launched the console, making the Xbox One always online, making games unplayable, and in turn, garnering backlash from gamers and critics alike. Since then, Microsoft has had to break out of the hole it created, but never abandon its original vision for the Xbox, expanding it from just a video game console to a full-fledged digital video game service. Xbox Game Pass is a product of these tests, allowing users to easily play games from anywhere, with no rent or mail service required.

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In a big interview with UK GQ, Microsoft shed some light on the origins of Xbox Game Pass, and the different form it almost could have taken. Sarah Bonds, head of the gaming ecosystem at Xbox, spoke with writer Sam White about Xbox Game Pass, revealing that the service’s initial concept dates back to 2013. Its development was codenamed Arches, and was originally envisioned as Video Game Rentals. The service before turned to the likes of a subscription-based, streaming service, “Netflix for video games.” The decision was also in part where video game revenue comes in from time to time, Bond explained, “something like 75 percent of a game’s revenue was made in the first two months after release. Nowadays it’s spread over two years.” Is.”

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Xbox Game Pass was a gamble that many publishers were previously uninterested in. Bond describes the process of pitching the service around the industry, allowing Xbox to put its new releases on Game Pass, and get shot. However, many publishers allowed Xbox to use their older games where the risk was not as high, and Microsoft was willing to risk a first-party game on the service after player engagement exceeded expectations. Was. that was the game sea ​​of ​​thieves With Bond’s explanation, “Here’s Xbox was giving [players] Its latest, most valuable products, as well as its current back catalog, all from £7.99 per month.”

And the rest is history: Xbox Game Pass sits at between 25 and 30 million subscribers, with numbers increasing by the day, and gamers on other consoles want Sony and Nintendo to offer similar services. In some ways Xbox Game Pass is still a rental service, as players do not actually own any games they download; There is no return date, and players can purchase most games at a discount if they wish. if xbox game pass Although it was pitched as a full-fledged rental service, it probably would not have the widespread success it sees today.

Source: GQ UK

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