Although hello infinity Players have taken issue with customization since its launch, with the game including several different ways for players to customize their appearance. This includes their armor, weapons, and even vehicles. hello infinity A unique visual experience that players can customize to their liking.

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the latest of hello infinity There’s a new coating coming to the Warthog, adding another look to the customization options hello infinity Expanding vehicle arsenal. However, the facelift is only available to players who have subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, making it an exclusive item.


news about new hello infinity The paint coating was broken by the officer aura Twitter account, who noted that the coating can be claimed via the Perk Gallery on Xbox or PC, or via the Xbox Game Pass mobile app. The tweet also states that the coating is one of several monthly bonuses that players can experience if they decide to subscribe to Ultimate Game Pass.

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Unfortunately, the tweet received an overall cold reception. One user commented that this new coating will be the fourth coating for the Warthog in the shade of green, also adding that they would love to see any variations for the colors in the future. Another user replied to the tweet, saying that new maps need to be added; Currently, there are a total of 10 maps in the game, but some maps are exclusive to certain game modes. Yet another user replied that the skin looks good, but that they would really appreciate a roadmap that explained this hello infinity Leading the coming year.

Since launch, hello infinity Has done well, praised by players and review outlets alike hello infinity For your campaign and multiplayer alike. However, PlayerBase is taking issue with monetization practices. Now, with a special warthog coating off behind a monthly subscription wall outside the game, more fuel has been added to that narrative.

Incorporating other products into the monetization of a game is nothing new: Many players can remember when XP codes for Mountain Dew and Doritos were featured. call of duty Games, and 343 has already partnered with brands hello infinity Code on products. In the meantime, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can continue to expect special cosmetics from the game.

hello infinity Now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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