The Xbox brand is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, and Microsoft is celebrating the anniversary of its gaming brand with a slew of events. Appearing at the ceremonies were celebrity guests such as The Rock and high-profile exclusives such as . between the releases of hello infinity And starfieldThe gaming world has been celebrating its brand in style for the past one year. Giveaways have also been a staple of Xbox celebrations, and the latest is rewarding fans who have previously registered for Xbox’s Fanfest.

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The Xbox brand has been no stranger to deliveries in the twenty years since it entered the gaming world. The company frequently holds sweepstakes and giveaways, giving away themed controllers, consoles, and other merchandise, collaborating with popular media outlets like Marvel, Blizzard, and even Taco Bell. While the company has had a history of being giveaways in the past, Microsoft has doubled down on its promotional efforts during its 20th anniversary and is honoring fans who have attended the last Xbox Fanfest by randomly giving bundles of Xbox goodies. had registered.


Xbox has dubbed its latest randomly selected giveaway a “keepsake kit” and many fans have started receiving their prizes in the mail. Package includes a aura-themed Xbox Series X/S controller, 12 months of Game Pass Ultimate, and a customized crystal plaque featuring the recipient’s gamertag. The bundle also includes a note thanking fans for joining in on Xbox’s 20-year-long history.

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The twentieth anniversary of Xbox’s launch also coincides with the console’s premiere launch title and Xbox’s biggest franchise, aura, Microsoft unveils a surprising limited edition aura-inspired Xbox Series X earlier this year to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise and master chief collection revealed a plethora of new content for auraIt’s 20th anniversary. since the launch of Halo: Combat Evolved in 2001, aura The series has become one of the most iconic franchises in gaming, with over 80 million copies sold to date.

The Xbox brand anniversary 2021 has been one of gaming’s biggest events. Last week’s broadcast of the console’s 20th anniversary saw several big announcements for the console’s future. From adding 76 games to backward compatibility for the Xbox Series X. till the release of hello infinites Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the multiplayer beta was a time for Xbox not only to celebrate its past, but also to look to its future. The new bundles serve as another way for the gaming juggler to thank the fans who made Xbox its long-lasting success.

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