2021. is the 20th anniversary of xbox And the publisher has already done a lot to celebrate the occasion. The launch of the Digital Xbox Museum gives fans of the brand an intimate look at everything Xbox has done until the release of the Xbox Series X/S. What some fans may not know, however, is that the museum provides a tool for users to view some of the most important games they have played.

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The online Xbox Museum gives Xbox fans a way to connect with all the different parts of the collective history of Xbox. From original Xbox to Xbox 360 aura Voting. There’s even a link that allows users to read the full letter Nintendo sent out by Xbox in case the studio got the hang of it. However, the museum also has a way for fans to connect with their personal history with Xbox.


There are six digital museum displays that fans can explore through the Xbox Online Museum, one of them specifically focused on the personal history of each individual Xbox user who logs on to the museum. Exhibits show how many games they played, how much GameScore a user earned each year, each particular console they owned, as well as their top five most played games.

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The feature is simple enough to museum, as it sheds light on each user’s personal history with Xbox over the past 20 years. This allows fans a deeper and more introspective connection with the Xbox as a whole. For fans who have existed since the days of the original Xbox or even the Xbox 360, it’s certainly impressive to see those figures.

Xbox Museum Personal History

It’s amazing to see how far Xbox has come as a video game platform over the past two decades. While Xbox is comparatively smaller than studios like Sony and Nintendo, studios have certainly influenced the gaming industry in a very significant way over the past 20 years. A former Sega president claimed that Xbox had left Sega in terms of online gaming.

It will be interesting to see what Xbox has in store for fans in the future. Prominent Xbox figureheads like Phil Spencer are constantly discussing future possibilities and innovations in gaming. If for the last 20 years xbox If there are any indications, Microsoft will certainly have a lot more content for its loyal fanbase.

Source: Xbox Museum

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